Basic Guidance of Weight Throw with Proper Rules and Regulations

Weight Throw

Weight throw is considered as a field and track event in which you can take part in any age group. As we know weight throw is a sport in which lots of endurance and energy is required.

Comparing it with earlier era weight throw is an event which has grown a lot. There are certain track and field events which take place in the Olympics, and one of them is weight throw. Thus we can say that weight throw has crossed the leaps and boundaries over the past year. Nowadays this game has gained huge popularity and is now included in various high-schools or colleges. No doubt after proper training a player can prepare himself for a national or international level.

The ball size for Every Age Group

A proper list of weight and size of a ball:

High school boys25 lb
High school girls20 lb
Collegiate Men35 lb
Collegiate Women20 lb
Men Age 30-4935 lb
Men Age 50-5925 lb
Men Age 60-6920 lb
Men Age 70-7916 lb
Men Age 80 & up12 lb
Women Age 30-4920 lb
Women Age 50-5916 lb
Women Age 60 & up12 lb

The game is played under proper dimensions. The weight throw is played within a circle which is measured properly, i.e., 7′ diameter. The circle is either made up of cement or wood for outdoor as well as indoor meets. To highlight the circle, it is outlined by paint.

Equipment that is needed in Weight Throw


weight throw footwear

Firstly concentrating on the footwear’s a player has to buy a set of throwing shoes, i.e., with a proper grip. There are multiple pairs of shoes in a market; talking about throwing shoes one should concentrate on the rounded bottom that is either smooth as well as based on rough and tough quality. The throwers prefer smooth textured bottom because through this player can play with complete comfort and ease. So as to generate speed, a thrower has to focus on these footwear.

Throwing Gloves

Throwing Gloves

As the whole pressure or strength passes from the hand; so it’s important to cover your wrist or palm with gloves. Thus usage of throwing glove is recommended for athletes. There are ample of products in the market which you can choose as your safety measures. Those who are right-handed thrower need proper gloves that fit on their left hand. Whereas for a left-hand thrower, a glove that is highly suitable for the right hand is necessary. These gloves are made up of quality material in which you can feel your hand and palm safe. The thick leather material will provide complete protection to your hands, the leather covering of glove can be easily inclined so as to provide proper grip.

Using proper equipment for this track & field event is important. In hammer throw as well as weight throw properly weighted hammers, handles or wires are used. Along with this one has to take proper care of throwing gloves, throwing shoes, as well as throwing circles.

Some Important Tips that can help you

weight throw tips

  • Thinner gloves used for weight throw will offer a little bit of protection, but through this, a thrower can feel that handle is in her hand.
  • To make it more comfortable, you can also cut the fingers of gloves and use it as a Velcro strap to fasten it over the wrist.
  • It is quite obvious that proper practice is needed to throw the weight in exact position. If you are a beginner and have just started then an iron weight ball is preferable for outside areas.

Basic Guidance for Weight Throw

Guidance for Weight Throw

There is some basic guidance on which a player has to concentrate properly for national or international level games. The right-handed thrower, usually releases the hammer from the left side on the other side a left-hand thrower will release the ball from the right side. All descriptions should be focused appropriately either with the left or right hand. One can follow the steps vice versa; i.e., a left-hand thrower can simply use the reverse techniques for opposite directions.


  • It is important to stand at a proper position for putting your best efforts. While starting a throw, the player has to bend the knees with a comfortable depth and back straightening face.
  • Now after having a ball in your hand, it’s important to hold a ball in such position so that can swing it in back-forth direction.
  • While for building energy you have to cover your glove hand with non-glove hand. You can easily relax your arms so that can throw weight with proper energy.
  • You have to build momentum so that can throw the ball with proper enthusiasm by a few sides to side swings.

Focus on the given steps

It is important to use proper techniques so that can give your best. By holding the position properly, you have to throw the weight within a circle. As we all know in this muscle strength is an extreme point which you should focus so as to grip the ball from hands. The footwear’s you choose should be comfortable so that you can take your position comfortably.

A proper technique which you need to follow is that the throwers have to swing the weight around their heads. While doing this, the main thing you will feel is that great momentum is needed.

Take your position by pivoting on the left heel or on your right toe. You have to forcefully extend your legs, so as to release the weight in an upward motion from the left side.

Thus when you finish, it then has to a stance in such position so that focus on the straight direction. You have to be sure that the body has to be extended in such a way so that can throw it behind.

Rules for Weight Throw

A hammer consists of the following three parts: Metalhead, Wire, and Grip.

  • The head of the hammer should be made up of solid material like iron and it should be spherical in shape. The diameter should be 110 mm for men and 95 mm for women.
  • The filling is allowed and should be done in such a manner that it will be immovable and the centre of gravity will not be more than 6 mm from the centre of the sphere.
  • The wire that is going to be used over here will be single and unbroken type having a minimum diameter of 3mm. It should not stretch more while being in the air. The wire can be lobbed to either end of the hammer.
  • Construction of the grip can be either single or double loop type but it should be rigid and should not have any hinging joints at both sides.
  • The grip should be attached to the wire in such a manner that it cannot be turned within the loop of the wire.
  • Measurement of the hammer should be done from the inside of the grip.
  • To ensure the safety of the spectators, the performance should be carried out inside an empty cage.

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