List of Countries and Their National Games/Sports


Countries and their National Games: The concept of games was introduced to encourage active participation among masses and unite them as a nation, improve physical fitness and entertain the crowd. The concept has been a blockbuster till date, and will remain to be so, in the future.

Any sport that is officially named as the national sport of any country is totally based on the popularity and historical roots attached with the country.

Let’s take a look at the countries and their national games:-

There is no national sport of India. Though many people often label Hockey as a national sport, but the rumors spread during the golden era of Hockey when India won 6 consecutive Gold medals at the Olympics between 1928-1956.

Countries and their National Games

The Sports Ministry has already made it clear that there is no national game for India, but the conflict occurred when the Government national portal posted an article on Hockey under the section National game.

There is no national sport in China, but based on popularity, Table Tennis is often referred to as the national game of the country.

The national game of Pakistan is Field hockey.

We all know England invented the game of Cricket, but is not the national game of the country by law, but de facto.

Australia is renowned for its sporting culture, but when it comes to national sport, they consider Cricket and Australian Rules Football (AFL) as their national sports, not by law though, but due to the glorious history of the sports, and their impact.

Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh. Although other sports like Cricket and Football are also very popular sports in the country, maybe more than kabaddi.


Countries and their National Games

Capoeira is the national game of Brazil. It is a blend of dance and music practiced during the colonial slavery times, but rose to fame in the last two decades. Football, though, remains to be the most popular sports and has held the nation together for long.

Football is the national sport of Israel in terms of popularity and the nation loves their game and always find time to back the national team.

We all know Italy is the second most successful team in FIFA World Cup history, after Brazil, having won 4 World Cup Championships, and this is the reason Football is the national sport of Italy. The name of the Italy national team is Calcio in Italian.

Badminton is the national game of Indonesia. There has never been any instance since 1992 that Indonesia hasn’t won a medal at the Olympics in the sport, except 2012 London Olympics.

Sepak Takraw is the national game of Malaysia. It is similar to Volleyball, but players have to use to legs instead of hands to pass the ball, and requires astute fitness.

Sumo Wrestling is often considered the national sport of Japan. Unlike other wrestling formats, Sumo Wrestling is all about body contact, where Wrestler (Rikishi) tries to force other Wrestler out of the ring.

There are three national sports of Mongolia, namely horse riding, Archery and Mongolian wrestling.


Dandi Biyo

Dandi Biyo (similar to Indian gilli danda) is the national sport of Nepal. The game is played with a 2 feet stick and six inch long wooden pin and the player tries to hit the wooden pin in the hole with the stick.

Chess is the national game of Russia in terms of popularity.

The national game of Scotland is Golf because of the rich history related to the game. The first golf tournament was held in Scotland.

Sri Lanka
The national sport of Sri Lanka is Volleyball, although other sports like Badminton, Football and Tennis are also popular sports in the country.

The national game of USA is baseball, not by law, but de facto. Over time, Basketball has emerged as a big and one of the most popular sports in the country.

Oil wrestling/ grease wrestling is the national sport of Turkey.

Gushtigiri (type of wrestling) is the national sport of Tajikistan.

Baseball is the national game of Venezuela.

Shooting and gymnastics are the national sports of Switzerland.

South Korea

Countries and their National Games

Taekwondo is the national game of South Korea with origin story related to the nation.

The national game of Slovenia is Skiing.

There is no official national sport in Serbia, although sports like Football, Basketball are among the most popular in the country.

Paleta Fronton (similar to Tennis) is the national sport of Peru.

Football is the national sport of Poland and is actively played across the length and breadth of the country.

The national game of Philippines is Arnis, which is a form of self-defense technique founded by Remy Presas.

The national sport of Norway is Cross country skiing, where the player stands on their locomotion to move across snow covered terrain. It is adventurous in nature.

New Zealand


Rugby is the national game of New Zealand. The New Zealand Rugby team is popular for their Haka dance and have been among the most successful teams, having won the previous two World Cups in 2011 and 2015. They would be raring for the hattrick.

The national game of Mexico is Charraeria, a sport that is mainly inspired from Animal husbandry practices.

The national sport of Mauritius is Football. They became a member of FIFA in 1962.

On the basis of popularity and English influence, Cricket is the national sport of Jamaica, but after the rise of Usain Bolt, sprinting is another famous sport in the country.

Wrestling is the national Sport of Iran due to its rich history. Even some Iranian text suggest Kabaddi as military drill practiced in the country. Various forms of wrestling like folk wrestling, Varjesh E Pahelwani and Zurkhaneh are extremely popular in the nation.

Basketball is officially considered the national sport of Lithuania.

Water Polo is the national game of Hungary. The nation has won 15 Olympic medals, 10 world championships, 5 FINA World League, 8 FINA World Cup and 21 European Championship medals.

Football is the national sport of Haiti.

Dominican Republic

Countries and their National Games

Although, there is no official national sport of Dominican Republic, but Baseball is the most popular sport in the country. It is the most successful nation in MLB (Major League Baseball) after USA.

Czech Republic
Football and Ice Hockey are considered most popular sports in Czech Republic. There is no official national sport of Czech Republic, though.

Baseball is the national sport of Cuba. Cuba is majorly influenced from USA, this is the reason they love playing Baseball.Cuba though is very strong in sports that require strength and have tasted success in Boxing and Wrestling.

Chilean Rodeo is the national sport of Chile, though, football is also very actively watched and pursued in the nation.

Weightlifting is considered to be the national sport of Bulgaria. Bulgaria stands at No.1 position when it comes to winning medals and setting new records in the sport. The major Bulgarian weight lifters are Stefan Botev, Nikolay Peshalov, Demir Demirev and Yoto Yotov.

Canada has two national sports- Ice hockey in winters and Lacrosse in summers. Football and Basketball too have picked up massively in the country, especially with Canada being the joint-host for 2026 FIFA world Cup and Toronto Raptors winning the NBA this season (2019).

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. The bow and arrow are often associated with mythologies and legends in Bhutan.

There is no national sport in Bermuda, although Cricket is the most popular game in the island. Bermuda even featured in the World Cup and were loved by one and all.

Cricket is the most popular game in Barbados, the island has produced big stalwarts like Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Frank Worrell.



Buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan. The sport is also known as Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh. It is among the most dangerous sports around, where horse-mounted players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goal

Antigua and Barbuda
Cricket is the national game of Antigua and Barbuda. The region was largely influenced by European sports, which led to cricket being the most popular sport. The players from the nation internationally play for the West Indies Cricket Team.

Though one would think of Football first, when it comes to Argentina, however, Pato is the national game of Argentina since 1953. It is also known as juego del pato, and is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball.

Football is the national sport of France, not by law, but de facto. Football is very popular in the region and the nation has tasted recent success, winning the FIFA world 2018 in Russia, beating Croatia in the final.

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