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A name not known to many, but packed with thrill and super-excitement is what I can define Quidditch as. It is definitely a power-packed, dynamic version of the game used in fictional series of Harry Potter. The game got into existence from there and today it is played in over 23 countries across the globe. As per the book, the game has to be played between two groups consisting of 7 team members each and trying to get hold of the Golden Snitch. However, the real-time version states that the team of 7 has to acquire more points than its competitor team by catching the tennis ball carried in a long yellow sock.

The truffle on the field is something which you can enjoy wholeheartedly irrespective of being on-field or off-field. Labelled as one of the youngest games, it has gained the popularity of all time. The fictional game was created back in 2005, and the inventor must not have thought that the invention will get world acclaim along with a governing body and an association which will keep an eye on the players and set the benchmarks too. Today the sports are played by 300 players in over 23 countries.

The Ultimate Goal

As mentioned above, the main goal for the players of the game is to acquire a higher score than that of its competitors. This can be done by scoring goals with the help of a deflated volleyball, which is infamous as Quaffle. One is requested to set the ball in the opponent’s basket and by doing this they earn 10 points. In case, they get hold of the Golden Snitch, they get 30 points hence can take lead.

Quidditch Game Players and Regulations

Quidditch Game

Each team playing Quidditch consists of 7 members, amongst them, they secure the following position.

  1. One Seeker
  2. One Keeper
  3. Two Beaters
  4. Three Chasers

Each one of the team members has a particular task to perform which can be described as follows;

  • The Chasers are there to attempt and keep ownership of the Quaffle and to score an objective by tossing it through one of the rival’s three circles. They can pass the ball between one another, however just a single is permitted to go into the scoring zone at any one time.
  • The two Beaters toss Bludgers and these are tossed at the resistance to disturb them. The opposite side’s Beaters, thusly, toss them back with a similar expectation. The players in this position are typically the most grounded and most physical inside the group.
  • The Keeper is a cautious player and is entrusted with shielding the group’s bands.
  • Lastly, the Seeker is the colleague whose activity is to catch the immeasurably imperative Golden Snitch.

Types of equipment to Play Quidditch

quidditch euipments

One needs the following types of equipment in order to play Quidditch:


All players must remain mounted on a broomstick, which can be made out of anything ranging from PVC to wood or sometimes funnelling too can be used. The players need to ride on the broomstick as they play the game and try to snitch the golden snitch.


Three circles are arranged at each finish of the pitch, all at various statures (2m, 1.4m and 1m). They have put roughly two broomsticks separated with the tallest on the left.


This is a ball used in the game that just Chasers and Keepers can use. It’s a volleyball which players try to hop in order to score goal and gain points.


These are marginally emptied dodgeballs and must be utilized by the Beaters. There are three of them on the pitch at any one time and Beaters toss these at the resistance to ‘thump them out’, which implies the restriction player needs to stop what they are doing, descent, and keep running back to their own particular loops and contact them before continuing play.

Golden Snitch:

The queen of the game is the Golden Snitch. It is a tennis ball which is put in a long yellow sock and is secured by the seeker. The job of a seeker is to save this golden snitch, as in case the opponent gets hold of the golden snitch the game has come to an end as one successful attempt gives a total of 30 points at once.

Point System:

There are two ways to score points as you play Quidditch:

  1. By getting possession of Quaffle
  2. By Securing Golden Snitch

In case the team gets a hold of the Quaffle, the team is awarded a total of 10 points. Wherein, in case they are lucky to secure the golden snitch, they acquire 30 points in each attempt which actually takes away the game from the opponent.

And the winner is !!!!!

Quidditch winner

There is a common misunderstanding attached to the game that is; the team who acquires the golden snitch the most wins the match which is not true. The fact is that the game is won by the team which scores better, though it is obvious to score high one has to attempt on the golden snitch.

The Rules attached to the Game

  • The game begins with quaffle being placed in the center of the field surrounded by bludgers.
  • The team has to start in the keeper’s zone with their eyes closed so that the seeker can hide the golden snitch perfectly.
  • The team starts attempting when the referee calls in “brooms up”.
  • There is no particular time set for the game as it ends within an hour or as soon as the Golden snitch gets captured.
  • The game is an entire contact game, which people can force against each other and win in total.
  • The seeker is only responsible for handling and protecting golden snitch from the opponent team.
  • The winner has declared on the basis of point scored.
  • If there is a pileup on the quaffle in a keeper zone that ceases any progression of the ball, the head referee will begin a 10-second countdown, after which the quaffle is turned over to the defending keeper.

As for one of the youngest game in history, one can conclude the game is so new and exciting that one can find a new element every time they play this game. To know the level of excitement, be a part of the playing 7 teams and enjoy a game which is non-predictive and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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