Vinicius Jr : La Liga slaps a 5 match stadium closure and a £39K worth fine on Valencia for Racist chants last sunday!

Strict actions against those who made Racist comments on Vinicius Jr

The footballing world was jolted last Sunday when a league tie between Real Madrid and Valencia was halted due to Racist chants on Madrid Winger Vinicius Jr. In between the match during the 70th minute, Vinicius Jr reported to the referee about Valencia fans chanting “Monkey” towards the Brazil born footballer.

During a Real Madrid attack, Vinicius Jr noticed a sect of Valencia ultras were making discriminatory remarks towards the color of his skin. He was then seen having an argument with those fans as his team mates tried to get him away from that end.


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In fact there was a video clip of 1 minute which was circulating all over Twitter showed each and every Valencia screaming “Mono” at the top of their lungs. Mono means Monkey in Spanish and these Racist attempts on Vini Jr, is not something new either.

In his own words, the UEFA Champions League winner admitted that the subject of Racism is extremely normal in Spain and that Spaniards in Brazil are known for being sheer racists and even Spanish football federation’s President admitted that La Liga has an underlying problem with Racism.

After the 70th minute episode, Vinicius Jr was even shown a red card in an altercation which was actually initiated by Valencia’s goalkeeper.

But in a latest development, Spain’s Police authority have detained 3 people who were connected to the incident which took place last weekend at the Mestalla Stadium. The home team has also been slapped with a 45,000 euros (£39,000) fine and the red card Vinicius Jr received has also been overturned.

“Valencia have collaborated from the first minute with the police and all relevant authorities to clarify the events that occurred. In addition, we have applied the maximum possible sanction with the ban for life from our stadium for racist behavior of the fans identified by police.” – the club said in an official statement. 

Barcelona winger Raphinha displayed his support to Vinicius Jr

FC Barcelona showcase their support to Vinicius Jr.

Days after the incident, Real Madrid’s most bitter rivals FC Barcelona conveyed their support to Vinicius Jr and displayed a banner which read “Racists, outside of football”. The likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar among other footballers also showered support to Vinicius Jr.