Top 5 highest wicket-takers in the Ashes

Highest Wicket Taker in Ashes

It is often said that batters win matches and bowlers win tournaments or series, and the two teams competing in the Ashes series are bowling giants and have also been top bowling sides in the past as well. The pace bowling attack of both teams is sensational and can take 20 wickets in a test match on any pitch in any part of the world. 

The Ashes this time around are going to be dictated by the team that performs better in bowling, i.e., how fast a team bowls out the other team. In this article, we will have a look at the top 5 highest wicket-takers in the history of this Ashes series, which holds a lot of value for both England and Australia.

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Shane Warne Australia 195 8/71
Glenn McGrath Australia 157 8/38
3Hugh Trumble Australia 141 8/65
Stuart Broad England 131 8/15
5  Dennis LilleeAustralia 128 7/89

1. Shane Warne (Australia)

The late legendary Australian leg-spinner, Shane Warne, holds the record for most wickets in Ashes history. Warne was a legend of the game during his time and was unplayable by the batters. He was one of the best spinners ever produced in the cricketing world. It is very difficult to break Warne’s record of 19 wickets in the Ashes, which he took in a span of 14 years (1993–2007).

2. Glenn McGrath (Australia)

Australian pacer Glenn McGrath has the second-highest number of wickets in the history of the Ashes. McGrath was a fantastic fast bowler during his time and was a scary figure for batters. McGrath played for Australia from 1994 to 2007 and was the team’s trump card. He has sensational bowling figures in an innings of 8/38 in the Ashes and has taken 157 wickets.

3. Hugh Trumble (Australia)

Another Australian legend who laid the foundation for Australia producing great fast bowlers, Hugh Trumble, also has a lot of wickets in the Ashes. Trumble played 31 matches in the Ashes and took 141 wickets in them. He played for Australia for 14 long years, from 1890 to 1904. He had an economy of just 2.23 runs per over in the Ashes.

4. Stuart Broad (England)

The only English bowler on this legendary list is Stuart Broad. Broad is a fast-bowling legend from England who has been playing for almost 14 years now. The way Broad swings the ball against left-handers is really commendable, and no one to date has been able to do it like he does. Broad has 131 wickets in the Ashes, with a really commendable best figure of 8/15.

5. Dennis Lillee (Australia)

Another Australian legend who is on this list is Dennis Lillee. Lillee was Australia’s star bowler from 1971 to 1982. He took around 128 wickets in the Ashes series during that period and was phenomenal with his bowling. The most important skill Lillee possessed was his raw pace, which helped him be a top bowler on flat decks too.