Global Esports wins Skyesports Champions series Valorant LAN tournament

Global Esports achieved an amazing feat in recently concluded Skyesports Champion series Valorant LAN tournament by winning the title after beating Enigma gaming by 3-2.

Taking about how entire final match panned out between Skyesports and Enigma in the marquee event.

  1. Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming(12-14)(Ascent)
  2. Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming(13-6)(Split)
  3. Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming(11-13)(Haven)
  4. Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming(13-8)(Fracture)
  5. Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming(13-9)(Bind)

VALORANT: A Historic LAN event in the field of Esports

Before we dive into how Global Esports played during entire tournament we must talk about runners up Enigma gaming who too had an amazing run in the tournament and qualified for the playoffs as top seed from Group A.

They defeated teams like Velocity gaming and Orangutan to qualify for Stage 2 VCT APAC challengers to seal the berth of finals against Global Esports.

Global Esports had a shaky run initially as they lost against  Revenant and Enigma Gaming in the group stage but they qualified for the playoffs as the second seed from Group A.

They eventually went on to defeat  full power gaming but eventually lost to Orangutan in the lower market.

Global Esports made a remarkable comeback in lower market where they beat arch rivals Velocity gaming followed by earning victory against Orangutan to qualify for stage 2 of VCT APC Challengers and the finals of Skyesports Champion series.

Global Esports is a professional gaming organization based in Mumbai who currently owns 12 teams across 9 titles and they have already participated in different International events where they have successfully won 40+ events and the latest bandwagon to join this achievement is none other than Skyesports Champion series.

Apart from this they also work actively work in different domains- Content Creation, Talent Incubator, Coaching & Training & Merchandise.

The organisation was started in October 2017 have grown in leaps and bounds since then and they are touted as one of the top esports teams of India.

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