“Don’t enter the Esports industry in the beginning if you are having a mindset of earning money” reveals Mohammed Owais Lakhani who is a game leader of Team forever

Esports as industry is growing at a different pedestal these days and India being the global market is also peaking in the field of gaming ecosystem effectively. The industry of Esports in India is pretty disorganized as there is no official federation recognized by the government who will govern the operations of Esports in India.

As many people wants to make a career in Esports in India with the intention of earning quick money, fame and success is not a right mindset to have as the industry is still unfolding in the country and joining any industry just for monetary benefits might detach your emotions if you don’t make enough money after entering in this industry.

Mohammad Owais Lakhani” who is currently game-in leader of “Team forever” while taking to Sportskeeda  shared his opinion about new development and correct mindset you need to have while entering in Esports industry of India in detail.

He talked about his initial journey in Esports which started in the year 2018 with a video game known as “Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2” and eventually switched to PUBG mobile gaming and started playing with his friends and gradually he took rankings seriously and that’s where he thought of professionally competing in Esports tournaments.

While addressing answer to another question based on the current scenario of Esports in India to which he replied that he is elated to see the development of video gaming ecosystem in India and the level of competition has increased which is a great thing to witness.

He also stressed on his journey in Esports with different teams as currently he is playing for team forever but prior to that he has worked with Seoul, Fnatic where he learned friendship and professionalism from his teammates.

He also talked about the message that he want to share with aspiring esports players to which he added “Believe in yourself. The only route to success is working hard. One should not enter the esports industry with the mindset of only earning money. If you work towards something with passion and ambition, you reach the highest level of success. Players should aim to improve their game and practice regularly. Once you do that, other things will fall into place”

So the correct mindset of entering in Esports industry is to learn in the beginning and avoid distractions with the financial elements attached to it.