Top 5 female Gaming streamers of India in 2022 we must know in detail

Of late, gaming has become a viable career option instead of just a fun pastime as it presents a wide opportunity for present gamers to earn a whopping amount by winning different competitive tournaments.

We often associate male players like Pewdiepie, Carry Minati, Nishchay Malan as male streamers but what about the participation of women streamers in India?

Here in this article we will reveal the list of five female gamers who have made name for themselves in this fastest growing industry:

5. Sherlock:

Monika “Sherlock” Jeph is an Indian female streamer and stands fifth in our list with a following of over 120k subscribers on Youtube.

She had developed an expertise in playing games like Valorant & BGMI and stream those games on her official Youtube channel.

Initially she started playing PUBG but later shifted towards other games to provide diverse streaming content in order to engage her fans.

There was a time when many in the industry believed that female can’t be good streamers all those myths were broken by her after she became an accomplished female player in PUBG Mobile Club. Sherlock is one of the most entertaining youtube streamers.

4. Xyaa:

Shafgupta “Xyaa” Iqbal is one of the big names when it comes to Esports in India and stands fourth in our list with a following of over 268K subscribers on her official youtube channel.

She was one of India’s first female game developers and with her diverse streaming content on PC gaming like UNO, Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA V, God of War, The Walking Dead she has gained dedicated followers on that platform.

The interesting thing about her that she is a software engineer who works as part time game developer. Her initial ambition was to become astronaut but god had different plans for her as she is working as gamer now.

There is an interesting story behind keeping the name “Xyaa” as a female gamer who she adores had a cat name “Xyaa” so she opted the same esports name for her.

“Content houses will emerge in times to come as the gaming business is widely accepted in India now ” Rohin Bhaumik, Director of South Asia Galaxy Racer

3. Mysterious YT

Shazia Ayub “Mysterious YT” is third on the list of popular female streamer in India with an active following of over 333k on her official Youtube channel .

She pursued a career initially in Interior design later she switched to Youtube and currently she works as full time streamer and part time Interior designer.

She started playing PUBG few months ago and honed her skills  and later made a channel under the same name “Mysterious YT” where she started streaming PUBG to make a living.

With her content regularity she gained wider popularity is less time. Five youtube gamers which include Mysterious came foreword to form “intoxicated gaming clan” for which they have an active Discord server for the clan and the minimum age to join that clan is 10 years old.

2. Pooja Khatri :

Pooja Khatri comes second in the list of most popular female gaming streamers and content creator. She had appeared in number of serials like CID, Sankat Mochan Hanuman & Pyari Nagin.

The Delhi based gamer had a keen interest in different games and loves interacting with her fans with current following of over 618k subscribers on her official youtube channel. She is known for streaming games like PUBG, GTA 5, Among us & War Zone.

1.Saloni Panwar(Meow16k)

Saloni Panwar is the top female streamer in the list as she became the first female player to represent India in International events held in Thailand.

She is an accomplished CS:GO player for the global esports scene in addition she has won legion qualifiers in Central Asia.

She had also won legion qualifiers in Central Asia with approximately 43.1k subscribers on her official Youtube channel.

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