Esports Trivia: All you want to know about Sega Master System in detail

Sega Master system” or “Master system”  is one of the most popular video gaming company who have grown immensely in last 30-40 years.  The master system came into existence for the first time in 1986 in America followed by Europe and Brazil in 1987 and 1989 respectively.

The original Master system initially used cartridges and a credit card sized format known as “Sega Cards” later after some years they developed Master System II  and also focused on redesigning their format and switched Cards slot to strictly cartridge-only system and they were compatible with the 3D glasses.

The system was launched to give tough competition to Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) but due to meagre library in comparison to NES it has significantly failed to acquire more market success in Japan and North America but attained greater success in other markets including  the likes of Europe, Brazil, South Korea and Australia.

The Sega Master System is estimated to have sold more than 13 million units worldwide and walking down the memory lane and highlighting few interesting events in their gaming ecosystem would start from July 15th 1983, where SEGA released their first video gaming console popularly known as “SG-1000” in Japan.

They released their other gaming console “SEGA Mark III”, in Japan in 1985. It was not a smooth ride for them from the beginning as due to limited sales in North America they were struggling and they sold their US distribution rights to a company known for producing toys popularly called as  “Tonka”. 

Masteronic” a company based in UK signed an agreement with Sega Master System in 1987 to take care of operations of distributing video gaming consoles in the parts of London. They advertised SEGA as “home based arcade game” at an affordable price of £99 due to which they received high demand from retailers but SEGA failed to fulfil the promise and eventually many retailers cancelled their orders.

But in late 80s, their players competed in a wide variety of games which include the like of Astro Warrior and platform games also they went out to outsell NES in the United Kingdom. They also created a number of cross accessories for Mark III and Master System.

Also Master system game came in two different formats-ROM Cartridges and SEGA cards which was held upto 256 Kbit. Their games were also released via Game Tap online service.

In Brazil, Master Gaming system gained wider popularity and became the longest living video gaming console as a title it took from the Atari 2600.