Ricky Ponting fears ‘David Warner’s Career is under dark clouds’

Ricky Ponting fears 'David Warner's Career is under dark clouds'

Former Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting, is afraid that With extended dry spell with the bat David Warner stands the risk of missing the Ashes series and having a catastrophic conclusion to his Test career. Ponting believes that Warner would have a difficult time breaking into touring the Ashes team and that his Test career might not conclude on his terms. Before being forced to return home with an elbow fracture, Warner had a disastrous tour of India, scoring 1, 10, and 15 runs in three innings. In 2019, the left-final hander’s England tour, he struggled, average just 9.5. “I’ve heard him discuss their cycle before.

The current cycle will end after the World Test Championship, which is naturally the week before the first Ashes Test. If everything goes as planned, I would assume that they want to keep David for the duration of that Test match at the very least, according to Ponting, who was quoted by RSN Cricket.

But it’s up to him. As a batsman, runs are your sole form of payment, and if you’re not scoring any, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable.

“We’ve all experienced that, and it also happened to me. The knives are sharpened and it doesn’t take long when you reach a certain age and it appears that your form is fading little “Added he.

Ponting believes Warner ought to have retired either after his double-hundred-run performance in the Christmas Day Test against South Africa in Melbourne, which also happened to be his 100th match, or after the next match at his home stadium in Sydney.

The easy choice for him was perhaps to pull the plug after Sydney in order for him to finish as he deserves to finish. He scored 200 in Melbourne, played his 100th and 101st tests in Sydney, his home stadium, and may have reached his peak there, according to him.

The last thing he deserved was for his career to end while for him is to be on a tour, in the middle of a series, and dropped. That would be a good way for him to go.