“Reminds you of gully cricket” says Sunil Gavaskar for this Star Indian Batter

"Reminds you of gully cricket" says Sunil Gavaskar for this Star Indian Batter

The RCB squad was beaten by Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets. Mumbai Indians batter Suryakumar Yadav, produced a passionate innings in this game. He played a key role in the Mumbai team’s victory against the opposition. While batting first, RCB set a goal of 200 runs for the Mumbai squad, which they comfortably met. Sunil Gavaskar, a former Indian batsman, has now made a significant remark in reference of Suryakumar.

Sunil Gavaskar told Star Sports that he was making the bowlers dance at his behest. When he bats in a way that reminds you of gully cricket. With constant practice and hard work, his game has improved a lot. His bottom hand on the grip of the bat is very strong and he uses it very well. Against RCB, he first hit log on and log off and then hit shots all around the ground.

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar thinks that rookie batter Nehal Vadera at the other end has more confidence now that Suryakumar is playing so well. When you bat with Suryakumar, according to Gavaskar, your confidence also rises, but Nehal Vadera’s innings stood out because he avoided trying to imitate Suryakumar’s strokes. His excellent balance was one of his finest qualities.

In this game against RCB, Suryakumar scored 83 runs off 35 balls, displaying his ability to play strokes all over the field. In his innings, he struck seven fours and six sixes, assisting Mumbai in surpassing their 200 run goal with 21 balls remaining. In 34 balls, Nehal Vadera hit an undefeated 52. Mumbai won easily with to a 140-run partnership between Suryakumar and Vadera.