Valorant Championship 2022 created new viewership record in recently concluded match between LOUD vs Optic

Recent Valorant Championship final between LOUD and Optic was tense, but the former emerged victorious by overcoming the latter to claim the title.

Based on information acquired by Esports Charts, the final Best of Five (BO5 series) was held, drawing a record-breaking 1.5 million viewers at the conclusion of the decisive map.

With a 3-1 victory, Loud claimed victory in the Best of Five division match.

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Finding out more about audience statistics for these two superhouse teams revealed that peak viewership was 38.2 percent higher and average viewership was 44.7 percent higher, according to reports from various media agencies. Let’s group the viewers of some of the special matches from the recently finished championship using the approach below:

  • Grand Final: OpTic vs LOUD – 1,505,804 peak viewers
  • Lower Bracket Final: OpTic vs DRX – 1,001,726 peak viewers
  • Playoffs Day 6: OpTic vs LOUD – 875,688 peak viewers

Optic Gaming, a North American team that participated in all three games, is one of the most well-known groups to represent international roasters.

On a variety of websites, including Twitch, Africa TV, Trovo, YouTube, and Facebook, Valorant Championship was streamed. A skin bundle for the Valorant Championship in 2022 brought in more than $16 million USD.

Brazilian team Loud Gaming won the whole competition and didn’t lose a single map in the semifinals which led to the grand finals.

Brazil has long been ignored by the international valorant community, but the best thing about them is that they have developed into one of the world’s top valorant teams.

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