“What are those skills you need to become successful caster in Esports Industry” reveals aura gaming in exclusive discussion with Team Esportzcraazy

Due to security reasons, Free Fire has been outlawed in India, and it is unclear from stories in various media publications whether or not this game will be brought back. The ban on this well-liked game has reduced interest in Esports in India since youthful, fervent players made the game extremely famous.

Let us share the dialogue with you in the following way as we unveil an exclusive interview with Aura Gaming (a well-known creator and caster of Free Fire content) in this article:

Q-1:  Tell us a bit about your story related to choosing Free Fire as a content creator? 

Aura Gaming:  In 2017, I created my account on Youtube but before dwelling interest in Free Fire I used to love playing PUBG which later turned out to be BGMI.  But later I found interest in Free Fire and since then there has been no looking back. 

Q-2:  Tell us about your process of content creation. Are you someone who wants to note down the pointers before making content or do you finalize content based on your instincts? 

Aura Gaming: I’ve always been good at scripting, so at first I used to jot down suggestions before starting to create material. Eventually, after creating 25 videos, you start to grasp the process of content production and what works and what doesn’t for you. Then just go into the content creation process; thanks to the technology available today, you may jot down quick notes on Google Note and then dive right into the process as a whole.


Q-3:  Tell us bit about your entire process of being caster till date? What are the skills required to become a successful caster in the Esports industry?

Aura Gaming: .The experience of being a caster has been wonderful, and to succeed as a caster in the Esports sector, you must adore the game in question; if you don’t, you will not be able to do so. Additionally, a lot of new casters make poor decisions. Before deciding to become a caster in this field, you should at least watch 100 games of successful casters and learn from them. You also need to compliment the other caster who is working with you during the event because if the coordination fails everything else will struggle, so make sure that you are complimenting the other caster well.


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Q-4:  Message to Skylord fans? 

Aura Gaming: To all Skylord fans I would say remember what he has taught you in his live streams and start imbibing those life lessons in your daily life. 

Q-5:  Message to Young Casters

Aura Gaming: Before participating in different esports events as a caster, study and learn from the industry’s top performers first. If possible, never accept underpay in the beginning; but, once you’ve established your reputation as a caster, it’s not necessary. If you have the ability and the conviction, keep in mind that people will come after you.

Q-6:  How do you keep yourself detached from your craft?  The reason I asked this as a content creator you need to look for fresh ideas all the time

Aura Gaming: See, breaks are important, especially if you’re creative, and the content creation industry is all about putting new ideas forward. If you’re constantly producing content for subscribers, you’ll eventually become mentally exhausted. To keep yourself fresh, take frequent breaks, and when you return to the content creation process, you’ll notice that you have gained a new perspective.

Q-7:  According to you what will be the future of Esports in India after 10 years?

Aura Gaming: The future of esports in India is promising, and I anticipate that many festivals will be celebrated through esports over the next ten years. Everything seems positive moving forward because there are already so many esports events being held in India that are attracting huge audiences.

Q-8: One Motivational which stayed with you forever? 

Aura Gaming: The line which I believe in “Mil Gaya toh Shukar Kar, Nahi Mila to Shabra Kar” also I firmly believe in the power of Karma if you do good to others, good will come back to you and vice versa. 

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