Montpellier History, Ownership, Squad Members, Support Staff, and Honors

Montpellier HSC

Montpellier HSCMontpellier Hérault Don Club, commonly alluded to as Montpellier HSC or basically Montpellier could be a French proficient affiliation football club based within the city of Montpellier in Occitanie. The initial club was established in 1919, whereas the current incarnation was established through a merger in 1974. Montpellier right now plays in Ligue 1, the best level of French football and plays its home matches at the Stade de la Mosson, found inside the city.


Montpellier Hérault Don Club was established in 1919 under the title Stade Olympique Montpelliérain by the Affiliation Générale Sportive Montpelliéraine, which comprised of a modest bunch of well off and yearning citizens of Montpellier. The city of Montpellier had been within the prepare of creating a sports club within the city since 1914, in any case, the thought kicked the bucket due to World War I. Upon its creation, the sports club basically locked in in affiliation football, rugby union, games, tennis, and boxing. The club’s base camp was found at the neighbourhood Café de Paris and carried the colours of the city, ruddy, and white. After some months of presence, SO Montpellier, under the advisement of its first president, consolidated with nearby club La Compete au Grand Air du Languedoc (VGAL), which was shaped in Admirable 1917 and had been exclusively committed to the sport of football.


Montpellier is claimed by Laurent Nicollin, the child of the late Louis Nicollin, a French business visionary, who had been proprietor since 1974. The club has created a few popular players in its history, most eminently Laurent Blanc, who has served as director of the France national group.

Coaching Staff

Name Position Age
Michel Der Zakarian
Dominique Deplagne
Goalkeeping Coach 61
Geoffrey Jourdren
Youth Coach 34


Medical Staff

Nname Position Age
René Raimondi
Club Doctor
Eric Perraux
Olivier Megel Physiotherist 50



Name Position Age
Laurent Nicollin
President 47
Michel Mézy Executive Assistant 71
Jean-François Domergue
Sporting Director 62
Bruno Carotti
Director of Football 47



Name Position Jersey No.
Gerónimo Rulli Goalkeeper 1
Dimitry Bertaud Goalkeeper 16
Matis Carvalho Goalkeeper 30
Pedro Mendes Defender 5
Nicolas Cozza Defender 31
Daniel Congré Defender 3
Clément Vidal Defender 27
Hilton Defender 4
Ambroise Oyongo Defender 8
Mihailo Ristic Defender 26
Arnaud Souquet Defender 2
Joris Chotard Midfielder 13
Damien Le Tallec Midfielder 14
Junior Sambia Midfielder 6
Kylian Kaïboué Midfielder 21
Téji Savanier Midfielder 11
Jordan Ferri Midfielder 12
Florent Mollet Midfielder 25
Amir Adouyev Midfielder 29
Keagan Dolly Forward 20
Il-lok Yun Forward 25
Bilal Boutobba Forward 15
Souleymane Camara Forward 19
Thibaut Vargas Forward 23
Andy Delort Forward 9
Gaëtan Laborde Forward 10




  • Ligue 1
    • Champions(1): 2011–12
  • Ligue 2
    • Champions(3): 1945–46, 1960–61, 1986–87
  • Coupe de France
    • Champions(2): 1928—29, 1989–90
    • Runners-up(2): 1930—31, 1993–94
  • Coupe de la Ligue
    • Champions(1): 1992
    • Runners-up(2): 1994, 2010–11
  • Division d’Honneur (Languedoc-Roussillon)
    • Champions(2): 1981, 1992


  • UEFA Intertoto Cup
    • Winners(1): 1999


  • Division d’Honneur (Sud-Est)
    • Champions(3): 1928, 1932, 1976


  • Coupe Gambardella
    • Champions(3): 1996, 2009, 2017
    • Runners-up(3): 1984, 1985, 1997