“Jonathan is the best player and Team Soul is the best team says SANGWAN” in an exclusive talks with Esportzcraazy

In our upcoming episode of “THE ESPORTZCRAAZY SHOW WITH HOST ROACH,” we at Esportzcraazy talked about a wide range of topics with SANGWAN as our guest.

Dhruv “Sangwan” Sangwan is an Indian esports player and content developer who has previously been a member of many teams and organizations. He has about 3.5 lahks YouTube subscribers and 1.75 lakh Instagram followers, and his main area of interest is BGMI.

Q-1: What do you think aboulahkst the government approving esports?

Sangwan: Yes, that is a very fantastic initiative from the Indian government. As esports become more popular in our nation, parents will start to encourage their children.

Q-2: Do you believe that once the game (BGMI) is returned, players will play it?

Sangwan: Once the game is restored, people will return and play for sure, as we have already witnessed.

Q-3: Are you interested in playing computer games?

Sangwan: I’m not, no. I enjoy playing PC games, but not as much as I enjoy playing games on consoles and mobile devices.

q-4: When will you make a return on YouTube?

Sangwan: Very soon, I’ll be back on YouTube.


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Q5: Currently are you a part of any team or an organization?

Sangwan: Currently I am not a part of any organization but will start looking once the game comes back

Q6: Your views on teams grinding during ban time and those who are not grinding?

Sangwan: Teams grinding regularly during ban time will for sure play better than teams that are not grinding during ban time, hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Q7: Will you play competitive in other games?

Sangwan: I won’t play competitive in other games

Q8: According to you who is the best player in India?

Sangwan: It is Jonathan according to me

Q9: According to you which is the best team in India?

Sangwan: Team soul is the best team in India

Q10: If you would like to join any team whom would it be?

Sangwan: I will join Orangutan Gaming if I need to go anywhere

Q11: According to you who are the best 3 teams in India?

Sangwan: According to me the three best teams are Soul, Godl and Orangutan

Q12: Acccording to you who is the best player in the world?

Sangwan: According to me Nova Order is the best player in the world

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