Why Orangutan Gaming new Esports training facility is known as “The Forest”?

In a short period of time, Orangutan Gaming has grown to become the largest Esports organization in India. They recently unveiled The Forest, their new training facility that has been in the works for 1.5 years.

Looking closer at the training facility, it appears to be built to international standards and focuses on the essential elements of Esports in India.

The Forest is also one of the best international esports training facilities in South Asia.

According to reports in various media outlets, Organgutan has made sure that players and content creators who will have a significant impact on the esports business feel like home when they are training at Forest.

Yash Bhanushali , Founder at Orangutan said ” The future of esports has unlimited potential, and to achieve it to the fullest, you need a state-of-the-art training facility. The Forest is now getting decked up with more rosters, and content creators to show that while we are here to take part, we work with the mission to take over. This is just the beginning for Orangutan and there is a lot more to come.”

The Forest is a 15,000 square foot training facility with four stories that was developed for orangutan content creators and players. It also has rooms for the games BGMI, Free Fire, and Valorant.

The building is content-friendly, and its content creators who will produce exclusive material for them are also housed there.

The comment also came from Co-Founder of Orangutan Esports who said “To create what I possibly believe is South Asia’s finest Esports training facility, there are a lot of intricacies involved. We have spent countless hours building every corner of this house and it feels surreal to see this turn into a reality. The importance of a good training facility has reflected in the motivation our athletes have shown, and now that we’ve set the bar, we only plan on setting the next bar higher.”

Every floor of the entirely personalized home has a different mood, and there is a unique area called VOD where players and coaches can sit and analyze their performances.

This organisation was established in 2021, and they also have a YouTube channel called “Orangutan TV,” which has received more than 500k views on this particular video. This house is referred to as “Forest” because of the way it looks and feels, which was designed keeping Forest in mind.

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