BGMI to be back in January 2023

BGMI is Back in India: Complete Details about NUSA Map, In-Game Events and Many More


The extremely popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India which was removed from play store and app store due to privacy and security issues is soon expected to make a comeback in India. Earlier, the Government of India had also banned Players Unknown Battlegrounds  on the same grounds.

The latest wave of rumours seem to suggest that the game could be making a comeback as soon as January 2023. This comes through several prominent gaming personalities, most notably through content creator, Alpha Clasher. During a recent live stream of theirs, an anonymous user by the name of “predatorsasuske” claimed that the game could be making a comeback on the Google Play Store on 15 January.

As is always the case with rumours such as these, it should be taken be with a massive grain of salt. The rumour is sitll at this point, a rumour. No official confirmation has been made just yet.

“Hector” recently shared similar thoughts during a livestream wherein he let on that he has heard of BGMI coming back in January. As for now, there is no solid information available, so all fans can hope for is to sit tight and wait for Krafton to spill the beans.

There have also been reports that Krafton is hard at work releasing two new games for the Indian market. Details on these games are still sparse and the publisher will likely share more information once the games are ready to be revealed.

India is a rather interesting market for Krafton as it clearly illustrates massive potential, as evidenced by the titanic success of BGMI/PUBG Mobile. At the same time, the constant threat of the games being banned/de-listed by the government presents a rather volatile and precarious dilemma. Krafton seems to be commited still to the Indian market and one can only hope that recent turn of events hasn’t soured their outlook just yet.


BGMI was one of the most popular games in the country and gave birth to a rather promising esports ecosystem within the country. Esports has been making strides within the country with the government recently officially recognizing it as part of the “mutlisports event” category.

As per the sources of EsportzCraazy, the game is expected to launch by February and pre launch shoots may happen by January. Lets hope for the best.