Jasprit Bumrah Injury Update: Bumrah will not play IPL and WTC due to serious injury

Jasprit Bumrah

With each passing day, the intriguing case of Jasprit Bumrah becomes more complicated.

According to several media sources, Bumrah won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

According to an Insidesport story citing reliable BCCI sources, the IPL and WTC finals won’t include the legendary speedster because of a very significant injury.

Also, it was reported that he would not be making a comeback until the ODI World Cup in 2023, which is planned to be held in India. This seems risky given the severity of his injury and the recommendation that he get surgery.

“His situation is not good and not improving. There are suggestions of surgery for the back stress fracture. But as it will take nearly 4-5 months to recover, he has been ignoring it. But since he is not improving, the medical team has advised him to take the surgery route. That way, there will be a chance that he could be fit for the World Cup,” Statement from Inside Sport stated.

According to the article, Bumrah doesn’t want to undergo surgery since he thinks he will be ready for the WTC final.

Bumrah is open to suggestions, but the NCA and medical staff will ultimately decide whether surgery is necessary given the severity of his injuries.

“Bumrah is a great player but like all great players, he is stubborn too. He doesn’t want to have a surgery as it could put him a lengthier path to recovery. But as the condition has been worsening instead of improving, it is important that the NCA steps in. We will take a call soon,” report added.

It is debatable whether the injury is as serious as reported in the media.

To address this, the Zee News sting operation by Chetan Sharma revealed that many players on the current Indian squad use injections to improve their match fitness.

Although Bumrah wasn’t specifically mentioned, other reports implied that he was discussing him.

If the player is Bumrah, then why did he play with injections and who should be held accountable for his absence from the team? Management should.

Losing Bumrah has been a colossal loss for India because of the crucial contributions he made for Men in Blue.