“I Have been in RCB for 15 years and haven’t won anything so you guys need…..” Virat Kohli inspiring speech for women player’s will make you emotional


Virat Kohli is emotion when it comes to cricket in India, especially the way he has carried himself over the years and scored a bulk amount of runs at ease. His association with RCB is unmatched.

The official RCB YouTube account recently shared a video showing Kohli talking to female colleagues who had lost five straight games before achieving triumph.

He spoke about a variety of topics, including the fact that just though he hasn’t won an IPL championship in the previous 15 years doesn’t mean we should give up or be uncommitted to every game.

He also recalled a day in 2019 when they had collectively lost six straight games. He was returning to the dressing room when he met AB, and they exchanged “How did this happen?” looks rather than words.

Kohli also discussed his time as captain, during which nothing seemed to be going right for him. But, everything changed when RCB hired a new management, who introduced new ideas to the system.

The player I am every time I need to come onto the field and gain a victory for my club”, he said, so sometimes we think we are larger than the game, which isn’t true.

When a young player says, “You could have played that shot,” I occasionally feel defensive. Nevertheless, deep down, I know that I should have acted with killer instinct.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Women struggled in the WPL 2023, losing 5 straight games until recording their first victory of the championship match versus UP Warriorz.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Women have two more games left in their arsenal and they would be looking to win these back to back games so that they can reclaim their glory ahead of final few stages of WPL 2023.

The victory will give them enormous confidence so they would be keenly looking to win the remaining two games of the tournament with big margin.