Have we celebrated our Paralympians in the same way we did with our Olympians post their return from Tokyo?

If you compare the result of Olympics and Paralympics in reference to Indian contingents you will find a huge disparity in the result as 7 medals won by Olympians is way less than 19 medals won by Paralympians in the recently concluded Tokyo 2020.

By Raising medal comparison stats we are not trying to demean the achievements of our Olympians it’s just a reminder to all the Sports fanatics that both the competition Olympics and Paralympics were conducted at the highest stage where more than 100 countries took part and one who won the medal in both the marquee events need the same amount of dedication, commitment and will power but there has been a huge distinction in the way we have celebrated our Paralympians post their return to Tokyo which is way less than how Olympians were celebrated.

We are elated with the performance of our Indian contingents whether it is Olympics or the Paralympics as they have made our nation proud but the way our Olympians were celebrated post their return from Tokyo is way less than how we celebrated our Paralympians which needs to be changed in future.

Every state government should organize ceremonies for our Paralympians too who have created history in the upcoming marquee event by winning the most medals in Tokyo 2020.

The impact that our Olympians have created is similar to what Paralympians have embedded in the hearts and minds of an entire nation.

Some of the Paralympians have won 2 medals in the same marquee event whether it is Avani Lekhara who won two medals in Sports Shooting followed by Singhraj Adhana who also won two medals in the same competition.

The best part about these Paralympians was different players belonging to different age groups right from Avani Lekhara who is 19 years old to Singhraj Adhana 40 years old everyone brought glory to the nation by winning a medal at the biggest sporting event.

They should be celebrated and cherished in the same way as our Olympians and the federation certainly needs to increase Sports budget so that more facilities can be provided to them especially in the sports in which they are good at like Para-Badminton grassroots programs should be developed so that more budding talent can come up by the ranks.