FIFA World Cup 2022 Final : Is Angel Di Maria up there with Messi and Maradona?

FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Is Angel Di Maria up there with Messi and Maradona

How has Messi Overshadowed the contribution by Di Maria?

We all know of the players or GOATs from Argentina whose last name starts with M. Messi and Maradona is what a neutral football fan would probably suggest but those who think deep of the game will add another name – “Maria”.

Maradona, Messi and Maria, in that order

Argentina’s last 3 major tournaments in a row have ended in success. Copa America 2020, Finalissima and now the FIFA World cup 2022. Although Finalissima is a one match play-off between UEFA Euros winner and Copa America winners but the other two tournaments were undoubtedly a masterclass by Lionel Scaloni’s side.

Argentina with Copa America, Finalissima and World cup

While the whole world celebrates Messi’s world cup win, people are forgetting the Angel Di Maria and his contribution in Argentina’s last 2 major tournaments. The Number 11 scored in all three of those matches to help his country win back to back major trophies.

But we are not talking enough about his contribution are we? The way Scaloni used Di Maria on all three occasions was a tactical masterclass. Angel Di Maria is the first Argentine to score in a Copa America final, World Cup final and Olympics final.

His goals against Brazil, Italy and France are truly remarkable as it has the blueprint of what an Argentine footballer is like. Last night he played a very important role for his side’s win. Though he was subbed off in the 64th minute by Marcos Acuna. But till the time he was on the pitch, Di Maria was the difference maker.

He exploited the left flank heavily and Argentina’s Pre-planned strategy to attack from that side was well executed. Di Maria was the catalyst for both of Argentina’s goal. The Juventus forward was brought down in the French box and Messi calmly converted the penalty.

The second goal was carried out by a magnificent team performance which started from the back. Swift one-twos between Rodrigo De Paul, Messi and Julian Alvarez enabled Alexis Mac Allister to go for a run with the ball. The Brighton player could have gone for glory but here is when Lionel Scaloni’s tactics come into the play.

The French defenders were very late to spot the run by Di Maria and just like he did in the Copa America final, the 34-year-old finished the chance to take Argentina 2-0 up by the 40th minute. The former PSG forward was not in his best form but his capability can never be doubted.

Angel Di Maria with the world cup

Di Maria started only 3 games before the Final. Not many believed if he will be back in the starting 11 especially in the Final but Scaloni saved his ace and kept him away from Injury for the most important match in everyone’s career.

La Albiceleste’s second goal could go down as one of the best goals ever scored in a World cup final. It was a team goal but was finished by none other than Angel Di Maria. Do you think he should be up there with Messi and Maradona as one of the greatest footballers from the country?

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