Dave Batista – Personal Life, Journey in WWE, Facts, Net Worth & Journey in Hollywood

Dave Batista

Dave Batista aka David Michael Batista Jr. is one of those fewer superstars in WWE, which have made a long-lasting impact on almost every WWE fan around the globe. Famously known as “The Animal” in the WWE, he was a part of the famous “Evolution” gang with Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton in the famous attitude era. While we only know him as a professional wrestler in the WWE, he has made it big in the field of mixed martial arts, Bodybuilding and some big Hollywood blockbusters in the process.

Dave Batista


Introduction and personal life of Dave Batista:

Dave Batista was born on January 18, 1969, in Arlington, Virginia to Donna Raye and David Michael Batista. While his mother was a homemaker coming from Greek descent, his father, being a hairdresser, carried the Filipino touch due to his own parents being immigrants from the same country. Batista didn’t have a lavish lifestyle and ever since his childhood, he has witnessed severe hardships all around. His paternal grandfather did several jobs to feed his family and the list includes working in the Filipino military, as a taxi driver, a barber and so on.

Dave Batista's Wife

His early life was quite horrible as within his childhood only, he has witnessed three murders around his vicinity and by the age of 13 years. He was indulged in stealing of the cars. He was later been estranged from his own parents and went on to work as a bouncer in the nearby nightclub. Moreover, he was also been arrested for his feud with two of the members of the club and he was sent to one year of probation as a result. Finally, after being acquitted from the probations, he became a lifeguard and pursued his career in Bodybuilding alongside. He married Glenda Batista in the year 1990 and had two kids from her. After getting divorced from her, he then got hitched to Angie but yet again got separated in 2006. Currently, he is married to Sarah jade who is a competitive Pole dancer.

The journey of Dave Batista in WWE:-

Dave batista Journey in WWE

Dave Bautista started wrestling in the year 1999 when he first signed with WWF (now WWE) and got his new ring name as “Batista” in the process. During the process, he went on to win the world heavyweight championship four times in his career along with WWE championship twice in the process. He is also the only WWE superstar who has held the record for longest reign with his WWE heavyweight championship (282 days). Apart from that, he has gone victorious in three tag team championships.

Joining the Evolution

Dave Batista joined the “Evolution” team in the year 2003 and this already included some big names like Ric Flair, Triple H, and Randy Orton. Although he missed some of his matches in the coming times due to torn triceps muscles, he made a grand comeback whilst interfering into the match between Goldberg and Shawn Michaels. Batista left all his frustration out on Goldberg and destroyed his ankle with a chair shot. This was the same match where “Evolution” came out once again to join back their former member. Triple H also rewarded Batista with a sum of $1, 00000 during the same match and he has been lifted with joy with all his teammates.

Becoming the world heavyweight champion

 Batista Becoming the world heavyweight champion

None would’ve thought that Batista would put up a serious challenge upfront for the WWE heavyweight championship but he not only defeated his “The Evolution” mate Triple H but also lifted the title for the very first time in his career. The match was been termed as “One of the best storylines of the year “by the wrestling pundits and it also got the best pay per view for any non-boxing event in the world’s history. Dave Batista has been challenged by Triple H for a rematch at the “Backlash” but he once again proved his supremacy in the ring against the seasoned campaigner of WWE.

Dave Batista then went on to win the WWE championship in the year 2010 after defeating Randy Orton in a steel cage match at the “Extreme Rules”.

The sudden exit from WWE

Dave Bautista suffered some serious injuries during a match between him and WWE superstar John Cena and whilst he came out in the next RAW show talking about the same, he has been interrupted by the RAW general manager Bret Hart who asked him to turn up against Randy Orton in a  No1 contender for the WWE championship. Batista refused and took an exit from WWE and later revealed that he left due to “issues with the direction team of the company”.

Return to WWE and taking retirement

Dave Batista did return in the year 2013 as well but after a short stint in the WWE arena, he quit once again because of refusal of a shot at the WWE championship by Triple H in a RAW weekly show. Although he recently featured in the wrestle mania for a match against his arch-rival Triple H, he got retired after getting defeated by the former in an epic clash.

The journey of Dave Batista in Hollywood

Batista's Journey in Hollywood

Dave Batista did debut in Hollywood as an actor and his first assignment was the role of a wrestler in the movie “Relative strangers”. Although he didn’t get his name in the credits, he then did another movie named “My Son, what have Ye Done” where he played the role of a police officer.

He got the biggest fame with his role of “Drax the Destroyer“ in the Marvel’s movie ‘Guardians of the galaxy and this was the movie which also gave a new direction to his Hollywood career. Moreover, the big list of the movies he did in the process includes Man with the Iron fists, Blade runner 2049, Spectre, Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgames

Some Interesting facts about Dave Batista:-

  • His parents got divorced and then he was raised by his mother all along. Also, she has been a lesbian and Batista proudly calls himself as a” Son of a lesbian mother”
  • Batista worked as a bouncer in various nightclubs, became a lifeguard and finally pursued the career of a bodybuilder
  • Batista holds a purple belt in the Brazilian fight art Jiu-Jitsu under the supervision of Cesar Gracie.
  • He also published his own autobiography in the year 2007 named “ Batista Unleashed” where he talked about some of the most controversial moments of his life
  • Batista is a tattoo buff and got several tattoos on his body in the past few years.
  • Before even turning 40, Batista became a grandfather to two kids from his daughter Keilani

The Net Worth of Dave Batista:-

The net worth of Dave Batista

Dave Batista has got most of his income from his wrestling career in the past but now he is a full-time Hollywood actor and gets most of his earning from there only. As of now, his net worth is around $13 million approx which includes all of his investments, cars, house and else.

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