Cristiano Ronaldo and his team Juventus ready to sacrifice 90 Million Euros

Cristiano Ronaldo

The whole world is going through a phase of recession with so many countries facing an economic crisis due to the coronavirus. Celebrities along with people from all walks of life are contributing to fight against this pandemic. World’s most acclaimed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo along with his club teammates and coach Mauzirrio Sarri has taken a big step that needs to be appreciated which is that they will not take 90 million euros in their wages to fight against this pandemic. Which should be appreciated.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is the first kind of agreement in Serie A as Cristiano Ronaldo who is the highest-paid player in Juventus will give up 10 million euros(Which is roughly about $11 million).

This initiation was taken by Juventus Captain “Georgia Chilleni” who has an “Economics degree” did this negotiation with players of his team.

Juventus is aiming for ninth Seria A title, Juventus still leading the standing by one point from Lazio.

However, the club concluded that “In this difficult time we would like to thank all the players for there commitment during this difficult time”.

Things are closed in Italy after so long and also Italy is the most affected nation when it comes to death rate and active cases of Covid 19.

The biggest cause of concern is three players of Juventus – Paulo Dybala, Blaise Matudi and Daniele Rugani have been tested positive for this virus.

The conditions are so worse that there is no hospital left to treat the patients and now the patients are treated on the roads as the beds are being created on the roads because of the rising number of cases day by day. 

Agnelli Family who controls Juventus has also donated 10 million euros in the relief fund to the civil protection agency in Italy.