International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) suspends all the events till June 30th

International Table Tennis Federation

International Table Tennis Federation has suspended all the activities of Table Tennis till June 30 considering the impact of coronavirus pandemic. This decision was taken considering the fact there will be no Olympics this year and also there will no Paralympics and considering the impact of all the international travel ban the events have been suspended till June 30th.

International Table Tennis Federation

ITTF has also decided to freeze all the ranking events of Table Tennis till March 2020 Players along with the staff are taking fewer wages to overcome the economic crisis considering the impact of lockdown in several countries.

So what lies in the future for Table Tennis will be decided in the board meeting that will take place on April 15th.

As Olympics games have been postponed for a year which was marked as the most important event in the sporting history. Corona Virus Cases are increasing alarmingly and over 6 lakh active cases are there around the world along with 30,000 fatality rate(approx) which is a sign of worry for the entire world.

India is getting good players in Table Tennis and the hopes were very high this time with Indian Players in different categories. However, the federation has decided to postpone all the events until June 30. The call of resuming the events will be taken on April 15th deciding the future schedule and dates. 

As every country is focussing on “Social Distancing, Stay at Home and Complete Lockdown” is the only solution to this pandemic. Not Just Table Tennis But entire sporting events have come to a halt. And no country can proudly say that when the situation will resume normal and when fans can witness all the matches again”.