Cricket Included in Olympics Because of Virat Kohli? Find Out

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In a groundbreaking decision that has sent waves of excitement throughout the cricketing world, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the inclusion of Cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Games. This monumental decision comes after an absence of 128 years, and it is raising questions about the sport’s global appeal, with one name at the forefront: Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli: The Global Cricket Icon

The acknowledgement of Virat Kohli during the IOC’s 141st session speaks volumes about the Indian cricket star’s global status and influence. Niccolo Campriani, the Sports Director of the Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee, made a compelling statement that underlines Kohli’s immense impact. Campriani highlighted Kohli’s staggering social media following, which stands at an astonishing 340 million, making him the third most-followed athlete globally. This achievement surpasses the combined numbers of iconic figures like LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods, from different sporting disciplines.

Kohli’s recognition as a cricket ambassador on such a grand stage underscores the sport’s increasing global reach. The decision to include cricket in the Olympics isn’t just a win for LA28 or the IOC; it’s a triumph for the entire cricket community. The move aims to showcase cricket on the world stage, extending its influence beyond traditional cricketing nations and providing access to untapped communities of athletes and fans.

Virat Kohli’s mention during this momentous event is no coincidence. With an impressive international record, boasting over 25,000 runs and 77 centuries, he has solidified his place among cricketing legends. Beyond the statistics, Virat Kohli’s leadership and his influence extend to social issues, making him a modern cricketing icon. Many even consider him the successor to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s legacy.

Even the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Virat’s Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, recognized his global impact, proudly declaring, “KOHLIFIED! The Face and the Brand, not just for RCB or Team India, but for Cricket as a sport too!”

Return of Cricket to the Olympics

The inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Olympics is historic. The sport last appeared in the Olympics in 1900, where Great Britain emerged as the champion. Cricket has since found a home in events like the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, but its return to the Olympics signifies a significant milestone in the sport’s history.

In addition to cricket, the 2028 Olympics will feature sports like Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Squash, and Flag Football, further enriching the event’s diverse sporting landscape.

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics has received a warm welcome from cricket enthusiasts, athletes, and dignitaries. Nita Ambani, chairperson of the Reliance Foundation and IOC board member, expressed her joy and support for the decision, emphasizing the opportunity to engage newer geographies and enhance cricket’s international popularity.

Cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics is a historic move, made possible by the sport’s global appeal and influence, epitomized by none other than Virat Kohli. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await this groundbreaking event, it marks a golden opportunity for the sport to embrace a broader international audience.