Top 5 Battles which made all the Headlines at WWE Fastlane

WWE Fastlane

WWE Fastlane has been one of the most cherished PPVs in the sports entertainment history and been largely followed by all the WWE fans ever since it came into existence in 2015. Moroever, this event used to be a RAW exclusive event earlier but eventually became a dual-branded event due to its immense popularity and response received from the WWE fans. Just like every year, the PPV was been held right before the WWE’s historic event Wrestle mania and this has pushed a number of rivalries coming into the picture right before the biggest event of WWE since its inception.

Meanwhile, WWE Fastlane did deliver on all the anticipation and nerve wrecking moments fans were expecting and whilst almost every match was a happening one in its own sense, let’s take a look at the Top 5 battles which took over the fans with all the breathtaking action and attracted all the “ This is awesome” chants from the audience.

#5 The SHIELD vs. Baron Corbin, Drew Mcintyre and Bobby Lashley

Drew Mcintyre and Bobby LashleyImage Source

SHIELD vs. Baron Corbin – This can certainly be quoted as one of the most anticipated matches in the WWE Fast lane 2019 and whilst all the WWE fans were eagerly waiting for the return of the “Big dogRoman Reigns from his long break, the match eventually lived up to all the hype created around it. Although there wasn’t much to be seen form Roman’s end in the match, it was mainly the “reunion” of the “SHIELD” which was one of the biggest talking points during the whole match.

On the other side, they were up against the brutal team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley which have been termed as one of the ruthless performers in the WWE roster. The match started with Mcintyre taking on the “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose and although it went dirty from there on, Roman was largely the support for the team during the whole match due to his long absence from the ring. The Shield eventually went on to win the match Whilst delivering the “ SHIELD bomb” to Corbin, it was all the breathtaking action with bodies falling everywhere, which brought all the desired moments for the WWE fans in the process.

#4 The USOS vs The MIZ and Shane McMahon (WWE Tag team Titles)

USOS vs The MIZ and Shane McMahonImage Source

USOS vs. the MIZ : No one would have believed that the Old rivalry of the MIZ and Shane McMahon would turn up eventually to a tag team whilst taking on the USOS for the title match but it still did happen that way the WWE Fastlane 2019 where both of them featured as tag team partners, probably for the first time ever. Both the performers delivered some epic moments during their presence in the ring and even the USOS did live up to all the hype around them by giving some tough time to the seasoned campaigners.

Still it was the deadly combo of the “Samoan aggression” which eventually took the game away from the MIZ and Shane McMahon and although everyone was expecting them to turn heel against each other , it went the same way whilst Shane lashing out at the MIZ after the defeat with some deadly punches and kicks down to his body. The audience, however, got all the fun they were expecting from the match and applauded the rivalry throughout the process and we can surely expect this feud between both the legends to get hotter in the SMACKDOWN.

#3 The Revival vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet vs Chad Gable and Bobby Roode( WWE RAW Tag team Titles)

The Revival vs. Aleister BlackImage Source

The Revival vs. Aleister Black :Everyone was looking forward for this match after the inception of the NXT superstars Aleister Black and Ricochet and whilst they were been expected to put up a grand show against their much experienced rivals, they showed up exactly the same, even whilst going without a victory. Moreover, there have been a number of superstars form the NXT roster which have recently been featuring in both RAW and Smackdown and this can be taken as a brightest spot for the future of the WWE.

Meanwhile, the main battle came out to happen between the REVIVALS and the team of Chad Gable & Bobby Roode and the former eventually retained their title after delivering their signature move “shatter machine”. Still, the match lived up to all the excitement and hype around it in the process whilst delivering best of the sports entertainment to their fans.

#2 Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens vs Mustafa Ali (WWE Title)

Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens vs Mustafa AliImage Source

Daniel Bryan has always been in the spotlight for his anticipated moves and “over the board” gimmick on the SMACKDOWN show and whilst his rivalry with Kevin Owens is known to everyone, this match also brought out the same action and moments which everyone was eagerly waiting for. On the other side, even Mustafa did delivered some epic jumps and moves during the match and there were moments when he came on as a favorite to win the match. Still it was the bad response from crowd towards him which created the entire ruckus around and this helped the other two competitors to bring on the limelight on their rivalry.

Even Kevin Owens looks desperate to win the match and he even bumped his face onto the announcing table in the quest of the same victory. Still it was the brilliance of Daniel Bryan once again which came into picture and he yet again delivered his “Running knee” to Mustafa whilst regaining his title within 20 minutes of the match duration.

#1 Triple H vs Dave Batista

Triple H vs Dave BatistaImage Source

Although it wasn’t a scheduled match between two of the most iconic WWE superstars, the faceoff between Triple H and “the Animal” Dave Batista made most of the headlines from the WWE Fastlane PPV. Well we all know that both of them have been former members of the famous tag team “The Evolution”, the bonding eventually turned into rivalry whilst Triple H ditched Batista in one of the matches. It was ever since then that these two have came off with all the blood ion their eyes and this face off at Fast lane was surely the calm before the storm to come.

On the other side, the fans, by now, understood that Wrestle mania event always bring some of the old legends on the stage and the presence of The RockRic Flair and The Edge in the last year’s editions was a proof of the same fact. Moreover, Batista did challenge Triple H for match in the Wrestlemania PPV and the latter also accepted the same without any delay putting down a juicy clash between both the “ attitude era” performers upfront for all the WWE fans worldwide.

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