Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars

Highest Paid WWE Superstars

Highest Paid WWE Superstars

Highest Paid WWE Superstars : WWE has became one of the biggest brands in the sports entertainment history ever since it got established in the early 70s and the organizations has seen tremendous amount of growth within the same time under the supervision of their CEO Vince McMahon. Additionally, there are millions of dollars involved behind the organization of any event and a big chunk of that also gets paid to the WWE superstars while performing all those dangerous moves and breathtaking stunts. While we said that, let’s take a look at the Top 10 highest paid WWE Superstars as per recent list shared by Forbes magazine.

#10 Kevin Owens

Earnings: $ 2 Million

Kevin OwensImage Source

Kevin Owens can certainly be quoted as one of the luckiest and most talented rookies who joined the WWE in the recent times. It was just 2 months to the start of his career when he won the prestigious NXT championship and made everyone around aware of his unmatched talent in the WWE Arena. This was just the start to the big things coming his way as he went on to win the WWE Intercontinental championship in 2016 , followed by the United states championship victory in 2017.

Moreover, it was his long reign being the Universal champion who has earned him most of the money along with fame within the process and he currently earns approx $2 million while being a part of various WWE shows and pay per views events.

#9 Dean Ambrose

Earnings: $2.2 Million

Dean AmbroseImage Source

Dean Ambrose emerged on the WWE horizons when he first featured with his team “The Shield” including Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on WWE RAW. Moreover, it was only after he won the coveted WWE Championship in 2016, when he made his presence count as an Independent WWE Superstar. This was something which made him a face of the Smack down event and also brought him some good money in the process.

Famous with the name “Lunatic Fringe”, Ambrose also became the RAW Tag team champion in 2017 but fell prey to an unfortunate injury in December of the same year which made him away from WWE arena for quite a while. Quite Recently, he registered a comeback while being on a reunion with his former team “the Shield “on WWE RAW and looked like coming back in a much better shape.

#8 The Undertaker

Earnings: $ 2.5 Million

The UndertakerImage Source

The Undertaker can surely be put in to the elite list of some of the biggest superstars in the WWE history and “The Phenom” has really earned that respect with his presence in the WWE arena over the years. Moreover, he is been most famous for his “Streak “ in the Wrestle mania  event which was ended by Brock lesner in the Wrestle mania 30 and pushed him to retirement from his WWE career.

The Phenom recently featured against the Triple H in the Super showdown event and fans are looking forward to some more action from this WWE icon.

#7 Seth Rollins

Earnings : $ 2.7 Million

Seth RollinsImage Source

Ever since Seth Rollins established himself in WWE while being a part of “ The Shield”, he has become one of the forces to be reckoned in the WWE arena. From becoming the tag team champions to putting his hands on the WWE championship title, He has won almost every existing WWE championship during his 6 years long career as of now.

His career is mostly been marred by a list of injuries and even though 2015 was amongst his most successful years in WWE, he fell prey to an ankle injury which ruled him out for the next few months eventually. Still he has earned most out of his long stint in the WWE main events and pay per views during his career.

#6 Randy Orton

Earnings : $2.9 Million

Randy OrtonImage Source

Randy Orton is certainly one of the most celebrated WWE superstars with his presence in the WWE arena for over 11years now. During the process, he has won 14 WWE titles which put him in the 3rd spot of the all time list and something which has earned him all the popularity amongst the fans, along with some good money.

Apart from his stint in WWE, Randy Orton is popular face in the Merchandise world and indulged in the sale of various T-shirts, goodies and video games carrying his images.

#5 Triple H

Earnings: $ 3.2 Million

Triple HImage Source

Triple H is one of the only WWE superstars in the current roster, which belongs to the famous ‘Attitude Era”. Moreover, even though he is not a regular in the WWE ring, he is earning a big chunk of his total income from his role as a Chief Operating Officer in the WWE. Quite recently, he featured in a match with the Undertaker in the Super showdown event where he defeated “the Phenom “with the joint efforts from his “ DX” partner, Shawn Michaels.

#4 AJ Styles

Earnings : $3.5 Million

AJ StylesImage Source

While being an already famous face in the TNA wrestling world, AJ Styles marked his presence in the WWE arena in 2016 and went on to win the WWE championship after just few months to the start of his career in WWE. Even though he lost his WWE title in the start of the 2017, he was been able to regain his championship after few months and carrying on the reign till now in the WWE Smack down event. This has made him earn good fame along with some good money in the process.

#3 Roman Reigns

Earnings: $4.3 Million

Roman ReignsImage Source

Roman Reigns, also been famous as the “Big Dog” , is one of the most sought after WWE superstar in the current roster. Moreover, he has featured in almost every RAW and WWE event as of now and this could well be the biggest reason for his Big earnings during his illustrated WWE career .Quite recently, he has relinquished his WWE title on the grounds of his prolonged battle with Leukemia and we can only hope for a quick return from this famous WWE superstar.

#2 Brock Lesnar

Earnings: $6.5 Million

Brock LesnarImage Source

Even though Brock Lesnar is not a regular in the WWE Events, he still holds the repute of being the most popular face in the WWE arena. Given to his immense popularity, he still earns big out of all the merchandise and other stuff sold under his credentials.

#1 John Cena

Earnings: $ 10 Million

John CenaImage Source

Despite of his Occasional appearances in WWE events, John Cena still holds the top spot whilst being the most popular face of the WWE in the current times. Although he is been mostly busy in his Hollywood projects lately, that didn’t take literally anything away from this credibility of being the Top most merchandise seller for WWE.

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