“Babar is not that much fit in comparison to Kohli so stop……” said Former Pakistan all rounder Abdul Razzaq on Kohli vs Babar debate in his latest interview

It appears that Pakistani cricketers are usually aware of how to stay in the press, and the best strategy for doing so is to criticise India.

Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has publicly spoken a wide range of topics for the first time since his retirement, including a comparison between Babar and Virat Kohli.

The top all-rounder said, “Kohli is a fantastic player and there is no comparison between him and Babar. The best part about Kohli is his ability to carry his team forward in crunch phase of the game as well as he is most fit player on this planet so comparing him with Babar is not justified as Babar needs to work on his fitness. There is no doubt about Babar’s ability he is consistent and also Pakistan top batter but the comparison between these two is ideally not possible” said Razzaq while speaking to Indian express. 

He further stated that, in every era you come across best players in all departments so comparison between Kohli and Babar is equal to comparing Imran Khan and Kapil Dev who played in the same era.

Razzaq had an interesting take on another fiery all rounder Hardik Pandya where he stated that “My Previous comment on Hardik Pandya was taken in bad light on different media outlets. I think he is a fantastic all rounder who believes in his ability and also the best part about him that he takes his cricket seriously. At the same time he is equally very tough mentally so my best wishes are with him”.

Razzaq has been known for making rough comments about Indian players in the past one such incident include calling “Bumrah a baby bowler” which didn’t made any sense at all as despite his injury Bumrah is still regarded as one of the best fast bowlers to have played the game so making such no sense comments irked Indian cricket fans on social media.