All about updates related to Valorant- New map & New rank in detail

Valorant is a first-person shooter based game developed by Riot which has garnered immense popularity in the last 1-2 years and the success of the game would escalate to the next level with all the changes being introduced at regular time intervals.

Taking about the latest development, Valorant Episode 5 update 1 will undergo new changes and loyal fans of the game are eagerly waiting for it.

Episode 5 Update 1 will bring a variety of changes which include- a new map, a fresh battle pass, a new skin bundle, and a number of adjustments to the existing Agents in detail.

Valorant logo
Valorant Logo

The new map in Episode 5 Act 1 will be the most anticipated one and it will be based in Lisbon, Portugal which will be depicted in underwater dome of sort according to leaks.

A lot of streamers got early access of new act and based on their experience they found the map very exciting even Indian audiences have nice things to say about this map and they weren’t disappointed for the first time unlike the maps which have been introduced in the past.

As per latest update, two weeks queue will be available to play in Pearl Map which will be unrated queue where players can practice and understand the nuances of the map.

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After two weeks competitive queue, will be unlocked and split will be removed from unrated and competitive queue.

Also new rank: ASCENDANT have been added below immortal and above diamond and this concept came in existence as there were too many lower ranks and it would overpopulate bronze and diamond so adding this new rank will help to distribute you across ranks.

Just in case you are not much aware into the world of Valorant it was released on June 2nd 2020 but the development of this game started in the year 2014 and the game took inspiration from Counter strike tactical shooters where any players can use game mechanics to buy menu, spray patterns and inaccuracy while moving.

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