Riot Games all set to bringing Partnership system to Valorant from next year onwards

Riot Games

For all the players who love the game of Valorant, there is an important news for you as Riot Games who have developed and published this game is all set to introduce partnership system in Valorant next year.

This news was confirmed by Riot Games organizers on 30th April 2022.

As per the latest update, the game’s professional scene will transform into pseudo-open circuit on which RIOT has been running since the introduction of Valorant Championship Tour 2021.

The new edition of Valorant Circuit will began from next year 2023 onwards.

Taking more about the developments further, the new Valorant Model will introduce a stipend system, which will be completely different to buy-in system seen in tournaments like Overwatch League and League Championship series in which RIOT will be providing selected teams with financial support to enter a partnership with a company.

Riot will be soon hosting International events across regions like-Asia, Europe and America where teams will competing against each other to earn global spots in global events under Masters and Champions tournaments.

Considering the current scenario of COVID-19 cases resurfacing again, the event will be conducted on LAN.

Different teams will be featuring across distinct leagues and starting with first one will include teams from North America, Latin America, and Brazil.  The second team will be featuring squads Europe, Russia, Turkey, and MENA. 

The final league which they will be conducting once first two leagues are done and dusted will have the presence of teams from- Southeast Asia, Korea, and Oceania.

All those selected teams who will be partnering with Riot for International Leagues will also collaborate to create exclusive esports branded content for Valorant platform.

The basis of selecting teams in Valorant will be done based on application process which will start later this year.

a track record of building great esports experiences, developing players, and can meaningfully contribute to the long-term growth of VALORANT esports,” Riot said. 

However, more confirmation about whether RIOT organizers will have a relegation format will be announced soon.

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