Pittsburgh Knights all set to host over 200 Esports event in 2022

Esports is making advancement day by day with the introduction of meta verse and NFT they will be relying heavily on these two to bring  new revolution to digital world for aspiring gamers. 

Taking about the new development, North American Esports organization “Pittsburgh Knights” has announced their plans where they will be hosting more than 200 tournaments which will include events like Rocket League, Valorant and Apex Legends. All these tournaments will be produced and broadcasted by Knights Arena.

The tournaments which will be conducted will have a massive prize pool of close to $10,000 in esports games like Rocket League and Apex Legends.

“We’re very proud of this event schedule. A core goal of the Knights is to share esports. We want to give people the tools, access, and opportunities to play competitively – to hone their skills, meet like-minded players, and have a chance to be seen by top teams.”said Jasper KO, who is serving as the Event Coordinator at Pitsburgh Knights.

They have already launched women’s Valorant tournament in 2021 which will be held every month with the first event conducted on 15th Feb 2021. Along with hosting these tournaments they will also engage in weekly community tournaments under the same titles with a prize pool of $1,000.

“Developers are focusing on top teams most of the time. We’re providing more opportunities for upcoming talent to showcase themselves.

“With our Gauntlet series in 2021, we saw many teams and players get the exposure they needed to close the gap with the top teams and even get signed to organisations. We want to serve the bulk of the competitors and not focus on solely the top percentage of players. The competitive scene will not thrive unless the amateur scene is taken care of.” Garett Bambrough, General Manager at Pitsburg added.

Based on reports in different media outlets, it is evident that the organisation is investing hard on different games to support a wide range of competitions.