Alcaraz keeps his dream alive as he enters the Wimbledon Quarter-finals


Alcaraz is certainly the best tennis player in the world currently, and in the match against M. Berrettini, he showed his class. He was not able to win the first set. But didn’t stop him from performing well. Not only physically, but even mentally he is very strong. He was able to prove that, by making a comeback in the game even after losing the first match. Now he is in the Wimbledon 2023 quarter-finals, and in tomorrow’s match, he is certainly looking forward to winning. So, that he can secure his place in the semi-finals. 

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Wimbledon 2023: Alcaraz vs Berrettni match highlights –

Berrettni was certainly having a good chance to win the match. However, he lost the flow of winning the set, once he lost the second set of the match. It is certainly a lesson for Alcaraz in the upcoming games. 

  • In the 1st set, Berrettni showed his superior accuracy by winning 3-6. He got 2 aces, and his 1st serve in accuracy was 62%. On the other hand, Alcaraz was able to get 1 ace. 
  • In the 2nd set, Alcaraz ensured that he is not going to take the pressure. For that he no only used his agility, but even his mind. He won the 2nd set by 3-6. 
  • Once Alcaraz was in flow, then winning two more sets became much easier for him. On the other end, Berrettni, was not able to handle the pressure of losing 2nd set. Alcaraz, went on to win the match by 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3. 

Total no. of Aces 

  • Alcaraz – 4 
  • Berrettni – 9 

Double faults

  • Alcaraz – 6
  • Berrettni – 0 

1st serve in 

  • Alcaraz – 63%
  • Berrettni – 71%

Alcaraz won the match, but it is clear, that Berrettni was much more accurate in terms of aces, or avoiding double faults. These are the areas, where Alcaraz would need to improve. Only then he’ll be able to win the Semi-final of the Wimbledon.