Check Ticket Price for ODI World Cup Matches at Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens: ODI World Cup 2023

In a recent announcement, the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) revealed the ticket prices for the upcoming World Cup matches at Eden Gardens. The CAB, responsible for organizing the matches, conducted its first Apex Committee meeting, where they discussed various aspects of the highly anticipated tournament.

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CAB President Snehashis Ganguly acknowledged the increased prices, attributing them to the rising costs of organizing such a prestigious event. Fans, especially those supporting the Indian cricket team, will need to invest a significant amount of money to witness their favourite players in action, including the much-anticipated clash against South Africa.

During the tournament, Eden Gardens will host a total of five matches.

Check out the full schedule for the ICC World Cup 2023-

The organizers have set the maximum ticket price at Rs 3000 for India’s matches and the semi-final. The World Cup opener between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on October 28 will offer upper-tier seats at a minimum ticket price of Rs 650. The pricing for D and H block tickets has been set at Rs 1000, while B, C, K, and L block tickets will be available for Rs 1500.

Ticket prices for the upper tiers in the matches between England and Pakistan, as well as Bangladesh and Pakistan, will experience an increase of Rs 800. D and H block tickets will be priced at Rs 1200, C and K block tickets at Rs 2000, and B and L block tickets will have a maximum price of Rs 2200.

The clash between India and South Africa is highly anticipated at Eden Gardens, will provide upper-tier tickets at a minimum price of Rs 900. Tickets for D and H block will be priced at Rs 1500, C and K block tickets at Rs 2500, while B and L block tickets will have a price tag of Rs 3000 for the most sought-after seats.

CAB officials have emphasized that the increased costs are necessary to cover the expenses associated with organizing a World Cup and ensuring a top-notch experience for the spectators.

While the ticket prices have been finalized, there are still pending decisions regarding the formation of various committees to oversee the World Cup. The invitation to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the tournament is yet to be confirmed. Similarly, the involvement of former BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly in the World Cup committee is still under consideration.

Stay tuned for more updates as the World Cup approaches, and get ready to witness the thrilling matches at Eden Gardens!