XQc Aims to Acquire The Guard’s VCT Slot Despite Prior Disengagement from Another VALORANT Team This Year


XQc wants to sign The Guard’s former VALORANT team and compete in the VCT in 2024, as he announced during a recent livestream. The team, consisting of Jacob “valyn” Batio, Ian “tex” Botsch, Michael “neT” Bernet, Jonah “JonahP” Pulice, and Trent Cairns, won the 2023 VCT Americas Ascension tournament in June. This victory gave them the opportunity to play in the 2024 VCT Americas League.

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Initially, Riot games did not allow The Guard to join the league as a partner, and they were hesitant to let the players find a new organization to compete in VCT. However, due to community pressure, Riot changed its stance, and the players were released from The Guard on September 1st, making them available for signing by other teams, including xQc.

XQc is interested in signing these players, but he knows it will be costly to manage the team. If a deal is reached with the players, it would still need approval from Riot for his organization to participate in the 2024 VCT season. However, there’s a chance Riot might not want to be associated with xQc due to the unregulated gambling content he promotes on his livestreams.

This isn’t the first time xQc has talked about entering the professional VALORANT scene. Earlier this year, he was in advanced discussions with the North American team Turtle Troop in April but reportedly backed out of the deal at the last moment and stopped communicating with the players.

It’s uncertain whether xQc will be able to sign the players, as there are rumors that established organizations like G2 and FlyQuest, as well as Disguised Toast, are also interested in recruiting them.

XQc’s interest in signing The Guard’s former VALORANT team for the 2024 VCT season faces challenges not only due to potential high costs but also concerns over his association with unregulated gambling content. Competition for the players is fierce, with established organizations like G2 and FlyQuest in the mix. Riot’s approval remains a crucial hurdle, making the outcome uncertain for xQc’s aspirations in the professional VALORANT scene.