How the arrival of Valorant in PS5 and Xbox is a huge step forward?

Valorant, a well-known tactical first-person shooter video game, has gained enormous popularity worldwide, and stakeholders, organizers, and fans deserve praise for this.

Regarding the most recent development, Hitmaker’s latest post indicates that Valorant will soon be available on consoles.

If the information in this study is accurate, it will be very beneficial when purchasing console game products.

According to rumors from many sources, Riot is also looking to hire an experienced FPS game developer.

It is still unclear when this game will be released for consoles, but it is anticipated that it will happen early in the following year.

Riot is all set to launch the mobile version of Valorant soon in the market.

Additionally, gamers want to know with certainty whether this game can be played on platforms other than the Xbox One and PlayStation 5, such as the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5.

Having covered the Valorant India Invitational in Hyderabad, we can attest to the appeal of this match among die-hard sports enthusiasts.

Sneak Pic of Valorant India Invitational 2022

The Indian public’s enthusiasm for the event was its best feature, and even the foreign teams were delighted to shake hands with international celebrities whenever the chance arose.

In India, the game of Valorant is in the proper place, but to advance the game, stakeholders and developers must adopt the appropriate ways.

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