Esports Update :Riot Games teases new VALORANT map

Riot Games

The official twitter account of VALORANT recently took to twitter to give us a tease for the upcoming map. According to leaks and teasers thus far, the 8th VALORANT map will be located in an underwater environment.

VALORANT has been due a new map for a while now. Fracture, the most recent map, was published in Patch 3.05 in September of 2021. Although Riot hasn’t officially announced the upcoming VALORANT map, the company has already given teasers dating back to the release of Fracture, and based on these hints, the new map appears to be located in Lisbon, Portugal.

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The announcement is initially puzzling because fans are unsure of what to expect. An image of three individuals in an aquarium marveling at a massive octopus and other aquatic creatures is included with the teaser.

An underwater city in Portugal?

A lot fans believe that a new map is being teased as a result of the aforementioned tweet on Twitter, and that the future map may have an underwater theme. Players are eagerly anticipating the release of the new map. They’ll have to wait for a new announcement with the date, name, and other details for VALORANT’s upcoming map.

The emails left on the map Fracture were the first hint that the new VALORANT map was in Portugal. These messages are tied to the 8th VALORANT map, according to Riot Games.

The battlepass player card “yellows on rails” is the first clue that the new map will be based in Portugal. Given that most cards relate to the game, this card is very certainly significant. The card also displays a tram with various unique traits seen only in Portugal.

The coordinates “38º 42′ N 9º 8′ W”, which are the direct coordinates to Lisbon, Portugal, were also discovered by a data miner. However, the coordinates explicitly indicate to a place in the sea just off the coast of Lisbon.

 When can we expect the new map?

Riot Games hasn’t officially confirmed when the new VALORANT map will be released, nor has it disclosed any concrete details about it, so take everything here with a grain of salt for the time being. However, we may speculate when it will be released by looking back at when new maps were launched.

A new map was added to each VALORANT Episode. Icebox was added to Episode 1, Breeze was added to Episode 2, and Fracture was added to Episode 3, leaving only Episode 4 to be added.

The time difference between prior map release dates is about 5-6 months, with the next Portugal map taking the longest. Based on this, we can expect the new VALORANT map to be launched in Episode 5, Act 1, which is set to be on July 7, 2022.

It is also known that all VALORANT maps having their own unique gimmicks, the new map in Portugal will likely be no exception.

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