T1 VALORANT Rumored to Shift Away from an All-Korean Roster with New Signings


T1, the VALORANT team, had a disappointing performance at VCT Champions 2023. They are considering making big changes to their roster for 2024. They are rumored to be signing Nick “tixx” Quinn from Australia as their new player. They are also looking at Ham “iZu” Woo-joo from Japan for a different role.

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Tixx has been playing for Gods Reign in South Asia but hasn’t played for a top team in VALORANT yet. It would be a significant opportunity for him, but there will be a lot of pressure as he joins a team with a strong history.

T1 had a tough year, struggling in both domestic and international tournaments. They didn’t perform well at several events, including Champions 2023, where they couldn’t even get out of the group stage.

If Tixx joins, communication shouldn’t be a problem as most of T1’s players speak English well.

The question now is which players will be removed from the team to make space for the new ones. Joseph “ban” Seungmin Oh, who plays a similar role to Tixx, might be at risk of losing his spot on the team.


T1’s disappointing year in VALORANT has prompted them to consider roster changes. They’re reportedly bringing in Nick “tixx” Quinn and considering Ham “iZu” Woo-joo. Tixx, hailing from Australia, is making a significant leap to a prestigious organization. T1’s struggles in 2023 raise questions about who will be replaced, with Joseph “ban” Seungmin Oh’s role potentially in jeopardy due to role overlap with Tixx. This shift could mark a fresh start for T1 as they aim to bounce back in the competitive VALORANT scene.

T1’s lackluster 2023 performance at VCT Champions and other tournaments have left fans eager for change. The addition of tixx and iZu brings new hope and diversity to the team, though there are uncertainties regarding which players might be released. As the 2024 VALORANT season approaches, fans eagerly anticipate T1’s refreshed lineup and their quest for redemption.