WWE Smack Down Vs. Raw

WWE SmackDown Vs Raw:- Sportsmanship has been one of the very driving forces of mankind, as an uncountable number of men and women have been driven to untold heights as the strived to achieve complete mastery over their chosen sport. There are many games and fields that one can choose to specialize in. One has the choice of the broader categories, Outdoor and Indoor sports.WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw

WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw

Proceeding after that, one has the broader choice of selecting the sport that suits their ability best- whether it be intellect, in which case they choose chess, checkers or other such sports, natural athleticism, in which case they choose a sports such as Running marathons and High jump, or the last option, pure brute strength, in which case  the most popular sport would be, doubtlessly, wrestling.

The Advent of Wrestling

WWE SmackDown Vs Raw:- So far, wrestling has been one of the most popular sports enjoyed by mankind. This sport is positively ancient, as traces of this sport can be found from before the times of Rome, and even Ancient Greece, where this sport was massively popular and was included in almost all types of sporting tournaments.

Since wrestling is a sport where low blows and cheap shots are not exactly rare, a wrestling authority is always required when organizing a wrestling match. While in medieval times, the panel of judges served this purpose, and determined fouls according to their own wishes, modern times have changed. Today, an organization called the World Wrestling Entertainment, or more popularly as the WWE, has been responsible for determining most of the rules used in the sport of wrestling.

The Ways of the WWE

WWE SmackDown Vs Raw:- WWE is one of the most popular media corporations in the whole world, as their primary product is the live showing of wrestling matches, and controversial moments along with downright illegal beatings and harassment associated with the sport of wrestling, to the whole world. WWE organizes matches, exhibition matches, tournaments, championships and other types of matches where 2 or more professional wrestlers participate.


WWE is slightly different from most of the other wrestling organizations. This is because they rely heavily on scripts that are designed to bring an element of real-life theater and controversy to the world of professional wrestling. The heaviest and most brutal looking of their wrestlers are given scripts, that portray them as very rude, controversial and generally bad in nature characters, while those who are generally slim, more athletic than strong, and, in a surprise twist of racism, white is generally expected to portray themselves as ‘the good guys’, however, good one may be.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Vs Raw:- SmackDown is one of the several programs that WWE sponsors and pays for it to air. SmackDown is by far one of the most popular programs that WWE sponsors, as it features some of the best acting and wrestling ever shown on the silver screen. This show has some of the best wrestlers that WWE has on its payroll, including legends of the Wrestling industry such as the, ever loved John Cena and the terrifying Undertaker.

SmackDown is certainly one of the most popular wrestling shows there are, a fact that is well reciprocated in the many movies and games that have been made based on this very show. SmackDown’s popularity comes from several factors, certainly one being the (scripted) personalities of the performing superstars, including both those who play good personalities and those who play very controversial ones, with a perfect example of the former being the amateur, but with professional skills Roman Reigns, and an example of the latter being the loved John Cena.

The Tools of SmackDown

It uses controversy and sleight-of-hand to make just about every match into a perfect reality show drama along with savage beatings, the one kind of show that just about everybody in the world would love.

Matches have controversial endings, as the ‘good guys’ are defeated by a totally unfair combination of the ‘bad guys’, often teaming up on the ‘poor and unfortunate good guys’. These matches are designed to incite anger among the fans, and while it does certainly sully the good name of the wrestlers who play the ‘bad guys’, it brings both sides, and the WWE corporation, fame, glory and ratings on an unmatched level


WWE SmackDown Vs Raw:- Like SmackDown, RAW is another one of the many shows that are sponsored by the WWE Corporation. While many people think that is no different from the controversial and popular SmackDown, one must realize that the directors use totally different tactics on both shows, with both of them showing entirely different avenues of the widespread wrestling industry.

SmackDown uses the tools of controversy, suspicion and strong hate to propel their fans’ emotions, fueling them to tune in for all of the next episodes, to watch the result of the apparently bloodthirsty feud between these two famous wrestlers.


RAW, on the other hand, focuses more on the physical side of the wrestling sport. It features some of the most bloodthirsty matches there ever were in the history of wrestling. Unlike SmackDown, Raw is a totally brutal show, where the wrestlers beat each other with absolutely no mercy. This is the show for fans of the sport of wrestling itself, not fans of the controversial shows of WWE.

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