5 Matches In Wrestle Mania 35 Which Grabbed Everyone’s Attention 

5 Matches In Wrestle Mania 35 Which Grabbed Everyone's Attention 

Matches In Wrestle Mania 35 Which Grabbed Everyone’s Attention: Wrestle Mania 35 was all fun and excitement for all the WWE fans and the 82000 spectators present at the MetLife stadium got to witness some of the most breathtaking action within that 4 hours duration. While it has been expected hat Wrestle mania 35 would be coming along with some great surprises and nerve-wracking moments, none could’ve expected that this wou8ld leave the temperatures in the arena soaring to great heights.

Although the absence of the “ Phenom” Undertaker was something which has been missed by the WWE fans, all the matches that were staged were quite impressive in their own aspects. Fans saw the first ever women main event, the return of Roman Reigns, Clash between “ the Evolution” teammates and so on but there were few of the matches, that left everyone in a shocking state. With that said, let’s take a look at those 5 matches at the WWE Wrestle Mania 35, which took everyone’s attention in the process.

5 Matches In Wrestle Mania 35 Which Grabbed Everyone’s Attention 

#1 The Universal Title Championship: Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins

 The Universal Title Championship: Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins

Truly one of the most anticipated matches which got the attention from not only the WWE fans in the stadium but also those who were watching from their own comfort zones. While Lesnar and Paul Heyman were miffed of not getting the main event slot, formerly put out all his frustration on Seth Rollins even before the bell rang to start the match.

Lesnar was all into Rollins and beat him down with all the knuckles, punches and Suplexes in the process. Finally, when both entered the arena, the referee officially kick-started the match and Lesnar became even more furious. Seth Rollins, who was almost done and dusted with all those killing moves and falls on announcing table and ringside, finally found his moment when he gave a low blow to the “ Beast”. This was where Rollins found his momentum and gave three continuous “stomping” to Lesnar and snatching an unbelievable win out of the jaws of defeat. Although the match was short-lived, it matched the anticipations and expectations out of a juicy clash at Wrestle Mania 35.

#2 WWE Championship Title: Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship Title: Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

No one, absolutely no one would have thought that Kofi would be of any competition to the greatness of Daniel Bryan but the former proved everyone wrong whilst becoming only the second Afro- American WWE champion after Booker T. Both the wrestlers went on to get the most out of each other and gave some serious poundings and near falls in the process. While Daniel Bryan was all prepared to kick and hit Kingston from every angle, Kingston was also showing the undying spirit in the context of the match.

Al of a sudden when Bryan locked Kingston in his “ Le bell” lock, fans thought that it is over for the “ New day” guy in the wrestle mania 35 but what came next stunned them to the core. Kingston not only freed himself from the clutch of Bryan but also gave him a taste of his ‘Paradise” thrice whilst pinning him down eventually. History has been made and Kingston has turned the tables to become the new WWE champion. Truly a clash full of breakthrough moments and “never say die” spirit!

#3 No holds barred match: Triple H vs Dave Bautista

No holds barred match: Triple H vs Dave Bautista

In real terms, it was a match between two of the most iconic WWE superstars of the attitude era and this was the reason why fans were really exciting about it in advance. Moreover, when Batista and Triple h made their grand entries in some old school passion, fans were been reminded of their rivalry in the past. Just like everyone thought, both of them went into a collision like “ Fierce Bulls” and kept on giving all they can to each other in the process. While Batista was been slammed with chairs and steel stairs, he came back and answered Tripler h with some “ Batista Bomb” on the announce table. Triple H, just like every time came out of nowhere and picked his sledgehammer which nearly missed by Batista in the process.

Right when Batista was about to beat down Triple H with his own “ Sledgehammer” shot, Ric flair interrupted and hand over another hammer to Triple H in order to beta down Batista. Triple H does exactly the same and came out as a winner but the match was all value for a perfect treat to the WWE fans around.

#4 Raw and Smackdown women’s championship: Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte flair

 Raw and Smackdown women’s championship: Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte flair

This was probably the first time when an all-women clash has been staged as a main event in the Wrestle mania show. Moreover, the clash was carrying three of the best superstars from the Raw and the smackdown the roster and truly lived up to the hype created around it before the clash.

Although Becky Lynch took the victory home in the process by pinning down Rounda Rousey, this match went into the biggest physical battle between three of the women competitors. From high on kicks to the near falls on the tables, this match witnessed it all and that is why it has been cheered and appreciated by every WWE fan present in the MetLife arena. The only drawback of this clash came as the length of the whole show which ran for about 7 and a half hour and by the time it got staged, people were almost dead out of a long event. Even though they have witnessed some magnificent drama and action in the process, the length was something which went against the match. All in all, it still would find a place in the history of the WWE and Wrestle Mania.

#5 John Cena’s Return In His Old Avatar

 John Cena’s Return In His Old Avatar

Although this was not a match, coming of John Cena in his old avatar of “Doctor of Thuganomics” entertained every WWE fan to the core during the event. It all started when Elias once again started with his typical guitar playing session in the rings and just when he was about to start his speech, Cena interrupted him with a mouthful of “ Raunchy words” on his face. It all went dirty from there on and both of the superstars entered into a physical battle out of nowhere.

Taking the opportunity to show his old school attitude, Cena kicked it hard out of Elias during the match and finished it up with his signature “Five knuckle shuffle” to bring back the good old memories to the WWE fans around.

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