WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 results : Austin Theory wins Chamber, Roman Reigns retains Universal Championship and much more

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 results Austin Theory wins Chamber, Roman Reigns retains Universal Championship and much more

Sami Zayn came close to giving his native Montreal supporters the victory they so dearly desired on Saturday night in Montreal. Unfortunately, Zayn failed in his attempt to unseat Roman Reigns as the undisputed WWE world champion in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view main event.

Zayn gave Reigns everything he could manage for more than 30 minutes, scoring many near-falls and exhausting the champion. But after several referees were eliminated and Jimmy Uso interfered on Reigns’ side, Zayn ultimately lost, though he did manage to exact some post-match retribution with the aid of Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn was defeated by Roman Reigns by pin fall to keep the title.

Rollins tried to power bomb Gargano off the top of a pod, but Gargano countered with a run and launched both men onto the other three contestants. After the action returned to the ring, Priest was able to eliminate Gargano with a Razor’s Edge, reducing the field to four.

Moments later, Rollins and Ford connected for a blockbuster/powerbomb combo to take out the big guy, and Priest would follow Gargano out the door. Rollins stomped Ford on the platform outside the ring, giving Theory the opportunity to steal the pinfall and eliminate Ford, leaving Rollins as the final challenger.

Elimination Chamber final list :

#1 Seth Rollins Bronson Reed (Ford)
#2 Johnny Gargano Johnny Gargano (Priest)
#3 Austin Theory Damien Priest (Ford)
#4 Damian Priest Montez Ford (Theory)
#5 Bronson Reed Seth Rollins (Theory)
#6 Montez Ford Winner: Austin Theory

Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar : 

Early on, Lesnar attacked Lashley straight on before throwing him out of the ring. When they got back in the ring, Lashley swiftly turned the situation around by nailing a spear and then made an attempt to put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock. For the opening F-5 of the contest, Lesnar countered the submission and lifted Lashley onto his shoulders.

After hitting a second F-5, Lesnar attempted a third, but Lashley managed to escape and land his second spear of the contest. On his second effort, Lashley was successful in locking in the Hurt Lock. After Lesnar attempted to break free of the hold but was unable, he turned to a low hit with a mule kick, which prompted the referee to quickly order a disqualification.

After the match, Lesnar slammed the ref with an F-5 before hitting Lashley with another. Lesnar moved the battle outdoors, hitting Lashley with an F-5 through the announce table before pulling the referee outside for another F-5. This was certainly a means to an end to get to a no-disqualification rematch at WrestleMania. Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar by DQ.