Wrestling Moves that You should Never try at Home

Wrestling Moves

Wrestling Moves You Should Never Do In Life

Wrestling Moves: Wrestling is a combat sport in which two people clinch fight, throws and takedown, joint lock each other. In this game generally, two people fight with each other in a ring and try to take down each other. Wrestling is a sport that requires a lot of physical strength and technique. It is one of the oldest forms of combat and dates long back up to 15000 years.

Wrestling Moves

The origin of this sports can be seen in the cave drawings of France, Babylonian, and Egypt. Though wrestling dates back to a thousand centuries back it now serves a major source of entertainment among all group of people. The moves used by the wrestlers nowadays are such that it looks more gruesome on the television and adds bit more spice to the game. Some of the wrestling moves and techniques followed by the players to take down their opponent are as follows :

Chokeslam Wrestling Move

Chokeslam is one of the most famous moves in the wrestling world. It is a type of body slam in which the wrestlers grasp the opponent’s neck, lifts him in the air and then slams them on the ground. This move was innovated by Paul Heyman and was mainly used by the Undertaker and Kane of WWE. This is generally called as a finisher shot which settles down the opponent at once and is the most often used by wrestlers as it is relatively safe but looks powerful on the television. In chokeslam, the opponent first grabs the neck and by using the other free hand slams them on a table or on the deck with a lot of force. Chokeslam performed by taller and stronger wrestler which give horrific visual to the audience. Single hand chokeslam is the most common type of chokeslam.

Neckbreaker Wrestling Move

Neckbreaker is a type of slam or throw which mainly focuses on the neck of the opponent. In neckbreaker the wrestlers slams the neck of the opponent on any parts of the wrestler’s body usually the shoulder, head or knee. There is another type of neckbreaker attack in which the wrestlers hold the neck of the opponent and twist it and throws him. This is known as ‘back head slam’. Different wrestlers have their own style of neckbreaker slam, wrestlers like Randy Orton, John Cena, Broke Lesner use this move quite often. Some famous neckbreaker moves are arm trapped neck beaker, belly to back neckbreaker dropdown neckbraker, elevated cradle, firemen carry, gator roll, gory neckbraker.

Brainbuster Wrestling Move

Brainbuster is a professional wrestling throw in which the wrestlers lock the opponent in under his arm, then hooks their pant or thigh and lifts them and throws them in a vertical suplex resulting the wrestlers to land on his back while the opponent lands on his head remaining in a vertical position. This move is quite dangerous as there are high chances of breaking of the neck. There are different variants of brainbuster like Cradle brainbuster in which instead of the head the wrestlers holds the belly of the wrestlers and then uses the same technique to slam him down. Double underhook brainbuster otherwise known as Michinoku Driver, Inverted brainbuster, Jumping brainbuster, Jumping brainbuster, Single underhook brainbuster, etc are other types of brainbuster moves.

DDT Wrestling Move

The DDT is a wrestling move that was innovated by Jake “ The Snake” Roberts. In this move, the wrestlers lock the opponents head under his arms and then falls back on the ground resultant the opponent is hit hard on his head and back. This move was widely used by Mexican wrestlers Black Gordman, who frequently used this move in the 1970s. Various form of DDT is hangman’s DDT, tornado DDT for which ray Mysterio is famous for, jumping DDT, etc.  DDT name after WWE star the edge, rampage are various forms of DDT . The term DDT stands for Drape Drop Takedown or Drop Dead Twice, Demonic Death Trap and many more. But when the innovator Jake was asked what DDT meant he mockingly said “ The End”. So DDT is basically a finishing move.

Power Slam Wrestling Move

Power slam this is another famous move in wrestling. In this move, the wrestlers slam the opponent by taking a hold of him and after the put down the opponent is unable to gather himself and stand up. In this move, the wrestler who is performing the slam falls on the opponent face down. The wrestler can perform the face slam from the stage or from the ropes for an intense face slam.

Atomic Drop Wrestling Move

Atomic drop is a type of move in which the wrestlers go behind the adversary and then puts their head under the opponent’s shoulder then they hold the opponent high and drops them on their knees. Though it looks like a low profile attack and doesn’t look that dynamic on the television, this move is often used by wrestlers. This is a legal move as the groin or the lower abdomen of the opponent is not targeted.

Bulldog Wrestling Move

One of the most underrated moves of wrestling but yet the most powerful one. In this move, the wrestler grabs the head of the opponent and jumps forward leading the wrestlers to land on his face. This move along with some other variation is sometimes referred to as facebuster. There is a high chance if the opponent breaking his jaw or injuring their face. This move was originally known as bulldog or bulldog headlock or headlock jawbreaker. There are different variants of bulldog move like cobra clutch, fireman’s carry, Full Nelson, Half Nelson inverted bulldog and the most common of them being one-handed bulldog move.

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Body Lock Wrestling Move

This is a type of wrestling move in which the wrestlers locks the opponent making him unable to move. This seems like an easy move but it requires a lot of technique, the opponent tries it best to come out of the grasp of the wrestlers resulting in losing a lot of his energy, often they try to shake their body by moving side to side. So this is a quite an intelligent move which powerful wrestlers use against their opponents. Body lock can also help the wrestlers to immobilize the opponent which later gives them the opportunity to try different moves on them which ultimately leads them to finish off the game.


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