Why this Pakistani team should not be taken lightly in modern day cricket?

Why this Pakistani team should not be taken lightly in modern day cricket?

Pakistan Cricket Team Rise in Modern Cricket:

In the dynamic landscape of modern-day cricket, Pakistan’s national cricket team has been quietly but steadily climbing the ranks, thanks to the astute leadership of Babar Azam. Under his guidance, this resurgent Pakistan squad has not only found its footing but has also emerged as a force to be reckoned with, with a notable transformation in their batting prowess. This article delves into the various factors contributing to Pakistan’s resurgence in international cricket.

Exceptional Team Camaraderie: One of the standout aspects of the current Pakistan setup is the exceptional camaraderie among its members. Many players in the squad belong to the same age group, forging a strong bond that seamlessly extends onto the field. This sense of unity and shared purpose has translated into a palpable synergy when they step onto the cricketing arena, which can be a game-changer in high-pressure situations.

Babar Azam: The Consistent Performer: Babar Azam, the linchpin of this rejuvenated Pakistan side, has been nothing short of exceptional. With 104 ODI matches to his name, he has amassed an impressive 19 centuries, placing him second only to Saeed Anwar, who boasts 20 hundreds. Babar’s consistency and poise at the crease have provided Pakistan with a dependable batting anchor, a rare gem in contemporary cricket.

Lethal Fast Bowling Trio: The Pakistan cricket team boasts a formidable trio of fast bowlers in the form of Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, and Haris Rauf. These pace demons consistently clock speeds above 145 km/h, making them a nightmare for opposition batters. Their ability to generate pace and extract movement from the pitch gives Pakistan a distinct edge in the bowling department.

Exceptional All-Rounders and Power Hitters: Pakistan’s depth extends to their all-rounders, with talents like Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz delivering consistently in crucial matches. These multi-faceted players have added both depth and balance to the team. Moreover, the presence of power hitters like Iftikhar Ahmed, capable of launching effortless sixes, ensures that Pakistan has the firepower needed to close out games with a flourish.

Resilience in High-Stakes Tournaments: One of Pakistan’s defining characteristics in recent years has been their ability to absorb pressure in high-stakes ICC and ACC tournaments. This resilience under duress is a testament to their mental fortitude and their knack for rising to the occasion. As they enter the Asia Cup and the eagerly anticipated World Cup in 2023, Pakistan’s familiarity with the conditions makes them strong contenders. Their consistent performances and remarkable evolution have firmly established them as favorites to claim the top honors in these prestigious events.