Why Online Chess as an esport will stay in upcoming years?

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Chess as a sport has reached another pedestal in the past few years and the recent testament to the massive fan following chess enjoys in India can be clearly understood by the fact that the 44th Chess Olympiad was recently conducted in Chennai. 

When we talk about playing Chess online on virtual platforms as an esports game it enjoys massive coverage and viewership and recently chess grandmaster and streamer Hikaru Nakamura talked about the future of chess as an esports domain where he analyzed this popular sport based on the content creation and spearheading the growth of this popular sport on Twitch. 

Exclusive Interview with Mr Vishwalok Nath, Director of Esports Premier League in detail

Nakamura replied to one of the questions posed by different media outlet, regarding maintaining the balance between player and streamer to which Japanese- American player responded that these days he considered himself streamer first and player later which has given him excessive freedom of not putting pressure on him when he is approaching any chess tournament. 

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Other question where  he was asked about future of online chess as an esport to which he added that distinct tournaments like Meltwater Chess tour and and chess.com events where the sport was played on LAN. 

In 2022, OSLO esports cup was successfully conducted and viewership skyrocketed during entire marquee event.  India’s top player R Praggnanandhaa bagged 4th position. 

He concluded on the fact that online chess events as esports domain have helped junior players to gain massive points indicates that chess as an esports entity is in the right direction. 

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