Why Indian players fails to deliver at a big stage like Olympics?

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is currently going on where approx 11,000 athletes are taking part to bring laurels for the nation and so far  Day 4 result of the mega event has been declared and the only medal which India  have won is from Weightlifter Sai Kom Mirabai Chanu who clinched silver medal in 49 Kg category.

Most of the events in shooting, archery, badminton, tennis and Table Tennis have been concluded and the result is very disappointing as India should have won more than 1 medal for sure. Let us ponder why Indian players who perform successfully in the local and national championship but when it comes to Olympics why the players don’t rise upto the occasion however there are several events like Wrestling and Track and Field Events which is yet to start but still the result is not upto the mark. Let us talk about some of the reason in detail and how we can improve that in detail:

  1. Indian players fails to held their nerve at the pressure moment of the game and a Psychologist is a must for them to accompany players from next Olympics to interact with players throughout their tenure at hosting city.
  2. Indian players lack technical exposure which is a must thing to excel in big stage like Olympics.
  3. Sports Federation should employ coaches from UK, USA and China as these countries excel when it comes to winning medal in Olympics.
  4. The coaches from these powerhouse sporting nations will develop the winning mindset in players so that they can acclimatize with the condition of the host venue.
  5. Indian coaches should be appointed as assistant with foreign coaches in order to learn the nuances of coaching which is needed to excel at big stage like Olympics
  6. The grassroot level programme in India is weak as some of the sports categories like Fencing, Equestrain and Gymanstics where there was lone qualifiers which really adds expectation on these players who are competing in stage like Olympics but grassroot programme if it strengthens will bring more talent for the nation.