Why Brock Lesnar is still the best amongst the rest in WWE roster?

Why Brock Lesnar is still the best amongst the rest

Over the years WWE has seen some of the most Iconic superstars in the arena who have made their mark in the ring with some of the most memorable performances under their belt. Brock lesnar is one such name which has not only ruled the WWE arena for some good years (including present) but also pinned down his competitors with sheer dominance in the process. Even if we talk about the current scenario, “the Beast” is still the biggest threat present in the WWE roster for all the remaining professional Wrestlers around.

Even though Lesnar has achieved a lot during his career, he is no more the “Power” he used to be once. At an age of 39, his appearances in the WWE shows are every minimal and most of the fights usually last 5 minutes to the maximum. Still this “Beast” has it all which makes him much better than the rest of the WWE performers in the list. Let’s take a look at some of the points which proves the same fact.

#Reason 1 Most Favored and Dominant Name in WWE currently

Lesnar is arguably the most favored and dominant name in the WE arena for a good period of time now. His Counterparts like Roman Reigns, John Cena and others are nowhere near the “hype” he carries alongside and this has certainly made secured the maximum number of wins as compared to any other WWE superstar from the current WWE roster.

Ever since Lesnar ended the famous “Streak” of “the Undertaker” at Wrestlemania 30, he has rarely lost a match and defeated almost every other big superstar in the WWE arena. Even while he lost against the Goldberg on his return in WWE, he traded that with a victory at Wrestle mania 33. Events like these certainly stamps the fact that even though he isn’t that “ regular” name in the RAW roster recently, he is still getting all the big matches and favors from Vince McMahon and his team in the process. He is still the one who always has an upper hand during the stipulation of any match on board.

#Reason 2 The “ X” factor about his Special Appearance

Brock Lesnar special appearance

Lesnar has been used quite well by the WWE in the recent years. He has mostly be used to appear in the fillers during a certain match and the “ X” factor about his “ Occasional appearance” has been preserved quite interestingly by the WWE management.

This was evident when his manager and promoter Paul heyman did compare about his “ Special appearance” with Christmas on a podcast hosted by WWE legend Stone cold Steve Austin. Paul has been quoted saying that Lesnar holds that enigma which happens to be very special as compare to other performers in the WWE roster. WWE fans cherish his “Short and impactful” presence during all the weekly shows which act as a perfect buildup for his match during the PPVs. it has been observed that lesnar did have the ability to set the stage on fire even while appearing for few minutes and that’s is something which has made his a “ special Guy” in WWE.

#Reason 3 Having a Manager like “Paul Heyman” Around

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has certainly come up as a “Icing on cake” for Brock Lesnar’s career in WWE at an era where most of the players are coming around without any promoters or managers like in the Attitude era. He has not only promoted his Client as the “biggest thing in WWE” numerous times over the past few years, but helped Lesnar in becoming the most dominant name in the WWE Roster in the recent times. Even when Lesnar is not there on the weekly shows, Heyman has kept that “Fire burning” with his “Exaggerated “and “Fiery” speeches in the Arena. This fact can certainly be supported with an incident where another WWE superstar Samoa Joe has quoted saying that “He wish he could get a manager like Heyman by his side” during his appearance at the Raw event.

Moreover, Heyman hasn’t achieved that popularity overnight and he is carrying the same flair ever since he has come down to WWE from ECW, it’s still his association with Lesnar over the years which has made Lesnar appearing as a “ Larger than life” Superstar as compared to his counterparts.

#Reason 4 Lesnar being a “real world “ Fighter

Brock Lesnar Pics

One of the other reasons why Brock lesnar is been projected as a much ‘hyped” name as compared to the other superstars is his image as a “Real world wrestler”. Lesnar was fighting in the NCAA division I wrestling whilst being a champion and that was the first time he made an appearance in the WWE arena. This was something which made him famous amongst the fans like a “Real world wrestler’ and not just a scripted performer in the WWE ring like the other superstars.

Even when he returned for his second stint in WWE, he was a UFC heavyweight champion and carried along a legacy of being a “Hardcore fighter” as compared to other superstars which were doing just “Fancy things” around to entertain all the fans during the weekly events and PPV. This was something which has worked big time for the popularity of Lesnar as the “Fan favorite” for so long and keeping him going with the same perception from millions of WWE fans around the world even now.

#Reason 5 Carrying the same “Beast” Persona over the Years

Ever since WWE established, we have seen many WWE superstars changing their roles from being a Hardcore performer to a mere Entertainer on the shows like RAW and Smackdown .We can find numerous examples in the current roster like Randy Orton, John cena, Dolph Ziggler who have made their debut in the WWE ring like a cold blooded fighter, but have now transformed themselves into just “entertainers” who come around in bits and pieces during certain specific stories.

Lesnar, on the other hand, has carried along the same legacy for years now and he is still the same ruthless fighter which he used to be years back. He still loves to smack people like “Garbage” and make them feel like a “Piece of crap” day in and out. Even though he doesn’t appear that often on the weekly shows, he still holds that capability of sending down jitters amongst the fans during a ‘5 minutes” appearance.

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