All You Need To Know About Wrestle Mania

All You Need To Know About Wrestle Mania

All You Need To Know About Wrestle Mania : WWE is home to a number of weekly shows and PPV events and every year around, the fans get to witness some breathtaking wrestling entertainment action to their treat. Still, when we have to name the most popular and famous one amongst those shows, Wrestle mania comes on the top of the list. Wrestle mania was first been staged in the year 1985 and ever since then, it has been produced for around 34 times within various cities in the USA. Interestingly, it is also the longest running and most successful WWE shows ever produced.

History And Background Of WWE Wrestle Mania

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The first ever WWE wrestle mania event was staged at the famous Madison square garden in the year 1985 and ever since then, it’s been staged in between the mid march and the first week of April. It was also the same location which hosted the 10th and 20th edition of the coveted event. The first match of the main event was a tag team match between the teams of WWF champion Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and Jimmy Snuka vs. the team of Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorf, and Bob Orton. The event was a big success in itself and this further gave a push to the promotion of Wrestle mania by more and more investors and sponsors across the whole USA.

Ever since it started, the main focus of the event has largely been put into the main event for the WWE heavyweight championship and the WWE championship itself. Also, there have been numerous stars from other sports which have featured in this famous PPV like boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr, Sumo wrestler Akebono and American footballer Lawrence Taylor.

Famous Arenas And Stadiums Hosting Wrestle Mania

Since its inception, there have been a number of stadiums and arenas which have hosted the famous WWE event and all of the events have witnessed a huge crowd in attendance during the show. The list includes Pontiac (93,173 people attended in Wrestle Mania III), Toronto (67,678 people attended in Wrestle Mania VI), Indianapolis (62167 people attended in Wrestle mania VIII) and so on.

Inception Of Money In The Bank Match Along With Stipulation For Royal Rumble Winner

It was since the year 1993 when the winner from the annual Royal Rumble event got to feature in the WWE championship match of the same year’s Wrestle mania event. Moreover, once the WWE heavyweight championship was been included in the competition, the winner of the Royal Rumble match got to chose between his opponent form either of the championship belts.

On the other side, the money in the bank ladder match was started to feature in the Wrestle mania event with 6-10 participants during the course of the match. Also, this has been a part of the main Wrestle mania event from 2005 till 2010 and became an individual event thereafter. During the same match, the winner was allowed to choose an opponent or championship for the next year at his own desired place and event.

  Top Wrestle Mania Matches Between The Best WWE Superstars

  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestle mania 21)

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Although many would put the Wrestle mania match between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker as the best amongst the rest, this was one of the matches which were no lesser in terms of all the near falls and breathtaking punches. Michaels was returning from the injury after almost 3 years whilst Kurt angle was in his prime at that time so getting both on board for a Wrestle mania event was certainly a juicy affair for the audience.

The match went for more than half an hour and the fans were up for a treat with both the competitors demolished each other to every sort in the process.


  • The Undertaker Vs. SThe Shawn Michaels (Wrestle mania 25)

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The match was really hyped as the Career vs the Streak match for both the iconic WWE superstars and once they met inside the ring for a battle of survival, what happened next is history. This has been put on records as one of the best ever WWE Wrestle mania matches ever staged inside the arena. The two superstars went back and forth to each other and seem like putting every single bit of effort left in them at the end. In the end, the Undertaker came out as a winner of the match and Shawn Michaels was pushed to retire out of WWE as a result.

  • Bret Hart Vs. The Stone Cold Steve Austin (Wrestle Mania 13)

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Until the Wrestle mania 13 Bret Hart was been touted as the good guy of the wrestling arena and Stone cold was often been regarded as the bad one amongst the audience. Eventually, WWE noticed that the fans have started to cheer the “badass” Stone cold every other week and they thought like it’s time now to stage him as the real tough guy who is not a Villain. This match between the Bret Hart and the Stone cold was an intense one and been quoted as the “Best ever match” by many simply because of the brutality shown by Bret Hart on Stone cold whilst targeting his injured hamstring in the process. Stone cold’s face was soaked in all blood and even though hart won the match, he didn’t let Stone cold leave from his snatch during his signature move “The Sharpshooter”.

Stone cold walked down to his locker room all on his own even whilst been injured badly and this gave him and the upcoming “Attitude era” a big push all along.

Some Unknown Facts About Wrestle Mania

  • Wrestle mania has been attended by more than one million fans ever since it came into existence
  • Wrestle mania match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in 1996 has been the longest Wrestle Mania match in the history of sports entertainment till date
  • On the other side, the match between the Rock and Bray Wyatt in Wrestle mania 32 became the shortest ever match in the Wrestle mania history which barely lasted for only 6 seconds.
  • Wrestle mania 2 surprisingly took place on a Monday and it has been staged at 3 different places at the same time. However, it turned out to be worse for the company and they never repeated it ever since.
  • Former Divas Champion Trish Stratus still holds the record for featuring in the most number of matches by a WWE women superstar
  • Although most of the fans have admired the Undertaker for having the best streak in the Wrestle mania PPV, it’s the other superstar Rob van dam who still holds an undefeated streak of 4-0 in the Wrestle Mania main event
  • Goldust has been the superstar with the worst record in the Wrestle mania and he still hasn’t won a match there with as many as 11 losses to his name until now.

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