Light, Action and Sports why these three parameters are the need of an hour?


Indian Sports are growing at the highest pedestal & due to the inception of different leagues like PKL, ISL and PBL other sports are growing at a massive scale.

When entertainment gets involved in sports it turns out to be the best partnership as India worships two things- Bollywood and Cricket and whenever sports and entertainment come together it escalates the popularity to the next level.

Light, Action, and Camera is the most famous word in today’s time with the way leagues like RKL are making their name it can be replaced with Light, Action, and Sports.

Indian Kabaddi of late has grown at a massive scale and the credit should be given to distinct leagues like Pro Kabaddi League, Real Kabaddi league & Yuva Kabaddi which have provided a platform to several budding players so that they can furnish their skills and perform at the highest level on a consistent basis.

So the leagues like RKL has perfectly involved the concept of Light, Action, and Sports under roof.