Verona History, Ownership, Squad Members, Support Staff, and Honors


Hellas Verona

Hellas Verona Football Club, also known as Hellas Verona or Verona, is an Italian football club based in Verona, Veneto, that plays top-flight football in Serie A. The club has won a Serie A title in 1984-85 season.


Established in 1903 by a gathering of high school students, the club was named Hellas (the Greek word for Greece). At a time in which football was played genuinely as it were within the bigger cities of the northwest of Italy, most of Verona was impassive to the developing wear. In any case, when in 1906 two city groups chose the city’s Roman amphitheatre as a scene to grandstand the diversion, swarm eagerness and media intrigued started to rise.

In the beginning years, Hellas was one of three or four groups playing basically at a municipal level whereas battling against city rivals Bentegodi to gotten to be the city’s premier football outfit. By the 1907–08 season, Hellas was playing against regional teams and a strong rivalry with Vicenza that keeps going to this day was born.

From 1898 to 1926, Italian football was sorted out into territorial bunches. In this period, Hellas was one of the establishing groups of the early alliance and frequently among its best last contenders. In 1911, the city made a difference Hellas supplant the early, gritty football areas with an appropriate venue. This permitted the group to take part in its first regional competition, which until 1926, was the qualifying stage for the national title.


Verona Fc is owned by Paluani, a bakery product company and the motivation for its unique title, Paluani Chievo.

Coaching Staff

Name Position Age
Ivan Juric Manager 44
Matteo Paro Assistant Manager 36
Massimo Cataldi Goalkeeping Manager 45
Stjepan Ostojic Athletic Coach 44
Paolo Barbero Athletic Coach 59
Riccardo Ragnacci Rehab Coach 43


Medical Staff

Name Position Age
Dario Donato Medical Director
Paolo Righi Club Doctor
Giampaolo Cau Osteopath



Name Position Age
Massimo Margiotta Youth Co-ordinator 42



Name Position Age
Maurizio Setti President 56
Tony D’Amico Sporting Director 40
Alessandro Mazzola
Team Manager 50



Name Position Jersey no.
Marco Silvestri
Goalkeeper 1
Boris Radunović Goalkeeper 96
Alessandro Berardi Goalkeeper 22
Amir Rrahmani Defender 13
Marash Kumbulla Defender 24
Pawel Dawidowicz Defender 27
Koray Günter Defender 21
Salvatore Bocchetti Defender 15
Alan Empereur Defender 33
Matteo Lovato Defender 6
Federico Dimarco Defender 23
Claud Adjapong Defender 98
Davide Faraoni Defender 5
Miguel Veloso Midfielder 4
Andrea Danzi Midfielder 25
Sofyan Amrabat Midfielder 34
Mattia Zaccagni Midfielder 20
Matteo Pessina Midfielder 32
Emmanuel Badu Midfielder 7
Lucas Felippe Midfielder 18
Darko Lazovic Midfielder 88
Valerio Verre Midfielder 14
Valentin Eysseric Midfielder 8
Fabio Borini Forward 16
Eddie Salcedo Forward 29
Mariusz Stepinski Forward 9
Samuel Di Carmine Forward 10
Giampaolo Pazzini Forward 11



Serie A

  • Champions: 1984–85

Serie B

  • Champions: 1956–57, 1981–82, 1998–99
  • Play-off Winners: 2018–19

Coppa Italia

  • Runners-up: 1975–76, 1982–83, 1983–84