VALORANT Champions Tour: Keiko’s Decision on a VCT EMEA Team Remains Tentative


The end-of-season player trading frenzy has once again descended upon the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), ushering in uncertainty and excitement. Amid the ongoing drama surrounding franchising spots, Team Liquid appears to have made a potentially game-changing acquisition for their upcoming season roster.

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Rising star Georgio “Keiko” Sanassy has garnered interest from multiple VCT EMEA teams. Sources such as Valorant insider Alejandro “anonimotum” Gomis suggest that Keiko has tentatively agreed to join the Dutch powerhouse Team Liquid for the 2023-2024 season. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that this agreement is currently verbal, with no formal contract or financial transactions in place. This leaves room for Keiko to reconsider and entertain other offers.

Keiko’s star has been on the rise, particularly after his impressive performance in VCT Ascension. Team Liquid’s pursuit of fresh talent for the upcoming season is not surprising, given their losses. They are bidding farewell to Dom “soulcas,” who is venturing into free agency, and Saif “Sayf” Jibraeel, who is making a move to Team Vitality. Replacing these key players is undoubtedly a top priority for Team Liquid. The question remains whether a relatively young talent like Keiko can fill the void left by these departing players. Nevertheless, Keiko boasts an impressive track record.

The absence of Sayf from Team Liquid’s lineup is undoubtedly a significant setback for their VCT prospects. As the team navigates this transition, fans should keep an eye out for further signings, as Team Liquid seeks to reinforce its roster for the upcoming season.

In any case, if the verbal agreement between Keiko and Team Liquid holds, it represents a significant acquisition for the team. However, the world of esports is known for its unpredictability, and surprises are not uncommon. Keiko may ultimately decide to stay with his current team or explore other options. The fluid nature of player transfers in the VALORANT scene means that fans will be eagerly awaiting official announcements and confirmation of Keiko’s next move.