When You Can’t Beat Them: Egoist Joins BLEED After Defeat in VALORANT Ascension


In the world of VALORANT, where top and mid-tier teams are always changing, players need to stay adaptable. This is especially true when considering offers from franchising teams, even if it means joining the team that defeated you in the Ascension Finals.

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Javier “Egoist” Chua, formerly of Paper Rex and X10 Esports, has officially joined the newly promoted BLEED team. BLEED is currently in need of just one more player to complete their roster for the 2024 season. BLEED had already established themselves as a dominant force in the region throughout 2022 and 2023. Egoist’s addition brings versatility and skill to the team as they step into the competitive world of top-tier VALORANT.

Egoist is intimately familiar with BLEED, having faced them multiple times in the Malaysian and Singaporean region. In consecutive splits, BLEED defeated X10 Esports 3-0 to claim regional victory. During the second split, their ticket to Ascension was at stake, and X10 Esports was the final line of defense. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure victory and were swept aside.

Egoist’s prowess and clutch performances were notable during his time with X10 and in the tier-two VALORANT scene. His statistics consistently ranked above average within his region. Notably, during Split 2, the same split where he narrowly missed out on Ascension, he excelled in clutch situations. Out of 97 clutch scenarios, he emerged victorious in an impressive 22, boasting a 22.7 percent clutch success rate, the highest in his region.

Egoist primarily played the Sentinel role and specialized in agents like Killjoy and Cypher, often serving as the last line of defense for his team. While his overall statistics may not have been exceptional, his reliability and consistency within his team were vital. Despite often falling short against BLEED, X10 remained competitive and held their own in the region.

Reflecting on his career, Egoist has consistently been part of strong teams but has struggled to secure victory in major matches. In 2021, before his break, he frequently finished in second place with Team SMG, facing off against rising teams like Paper Rex and X10. Now, he has the opportunity to prove himself against top-tier Pacific competition, even if it means joining forces with former rivals. Building camaraderie quickly will be essential if BLEED intends to maintain its success as a VALORANT team.